friday 5 | 6.26.20 …


Wednesday turned out to be a gorgeous day: I was especially buoyed by the jaunty day lilies I saw and I took not one, not two but three walks. The middle, longer one accompanied by Gretchen Rubin and her sister Liz Craft on their weekly Happier podcast – Episode 279: Halfway through 2020: Check In with Your #20 for 2020 list and #Walk20in20 and a Spotlight on Just Mercy.


Thursday I spent the best part of the afternoon in the dentist’s chair – having a molar readied for a crown…not on my agenda, at.all! C’est la vie…Best way to sum it all up: when it rains, it pours. And pour it did – buckets … just as I was leaving the dentist.

Friday (this morning) brought these two articles to my attention:   This article is another viewpoint on a subject of attention and concern for many Americans, as well it should be for us all. I also read Austin Kleon’s weekly Friday update and found this week’s to have a lot of interesting links. And the best news …


Today, niece Dolly and Eugene were married in a park where family members and guests could social distance. Those of us not in the area – as far away as Ohio and Los Angeles – attended via Zoom. Great, great fun…and in these times, possibly the next best thing to being there!


After the wedding, I took a long walk to the Franciscan Monastery.  Yes! The outdoor sanctuary/grotto was open… complete with fish in the Koi pond. I sat a while to regain my energy for the return trip but more to appreciate the beauty and the peace of the grounds, trees, sky, so very needed in these trying times.


Have a lovely and peaceful weekend and life.

14 thoughts on “friday 5 | 6.26.20 …

  1. Dolly is a beautiful bride. It looks as if they had a lovely setting and day for their wedding. Thank goodness for zoom. I am off to read the articles you have linked here. We had a very good discussion in my book group regarding Just Mercy. I’m glad you are able to be in the garden at the Franciscan Monastery again. Gardens and outdoor space are a balm for the soul. Sorry about the dental work. I may be in for some soon myself.


  2. Congratulations to Dolly! I’m glad she was able to figure out a way to have the wedding! It looks to me to be one of the best possible solutions during this difficult time. A friend of ours ended up being married in their living room with just two close friends–not what they envisioned at all.


  3. Best wishes to Dolly. She was a beautiful bride and I’m so glad you got to Zoom and be a part of the wedding.

    I’m also so glad to read that you have found a place of peace. We so need those these days.


  4. Dolly looks beautiful and happy. I’m glad you got to Zoom in!

    Overall – a very good week (minus the dentist)! I love that you get to walk to a Monastery – that must be so amazing.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Congratulations to your niece and her new husband! I’m glad that so many family members were able to attend virtually (certainly not ideal, but under the circumstances, I’m thankful technology has enabled us to be together for happy events like this!).


  6. What a beautiful post, Honoré! (Well. Maybe except for the unexpected dental work.) Dolly is such a beautiful bride! (I love her dress.) And how wonderful that your family could attend in a variety of ways. Best wishes all around! I’m so glad you were able to find a lovely spot for rest — the koi pond looks like inspiration for a quilt to me. Enjoy a lovely weekend.


  7. All the best to lovely Dolly and her husband! I’m glad they could have a socially distant wedding. The monastery looks like a lovely place and I thank you for sharing those lovely photos. I second Kym’s idea for a koi quilt!


  8. This post has all kinds of beauty… from walks, to weddings, to the Monastery garden! (but oh dear to the dental woes! ouch!)

    I hope your weekend was as beautiful as this post! And, congrats to Dolly and Eugene!


  9. Congratulations to Dolly and Eugene!! Dolly is a gorgeous bride – love her dress – she really is radiant! So glad you could attend via Zoom.


  10. Your Niece is a beatutiful bride!! It sounds like a great wedding Why wait? We have friends who are waiting and I think it is really difficult for them. They are Greek and there will be a huge wedding, or so they had hoped. I’m happy for you all that you celebrated !!!


  11. Thanks for posting the articles-yes should be read by all. Dolly does look lovely and how nice they could find creatives way to include everyone.


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