3 on thursday |7.16.20…

1:  last week I wrote that Norman and I were tested for Covid-19. we hadn’t been exposed nor exhibited any symptoms; we chose to do the test because the site was literally next door, in walking distance  – tho’ only drive-up testing, available. today, we received the results – negative and told to continue:  practicing  social distancing, washing hands (and groceries!) and wearing a mask!

2:  the neighborhood park I walk to/through most days on my #Walk20in20 is always so lovely; gradually, more people are social distancing (? ) these beautiful summer days. sadly, the pool didn’t open this season.

3: a little Unraveled Wednesday too: yesterday – July 15 – was the 100th day of #the100dayproject2020; I posted my log cabin 9patch lap robe finish (@honorel). my next project – socks – still where they were several weeks ago. hmm, I think I got stuck cause I only have one set of dbl pointed needles in the needed size… perhaps I’ll resume the Diamonds’ afghan… ah, choices. needless to say, resume quilting remains on my someday maybe list…

Joining Carole for this week’s take on 3 on Thurs.

10 thoughts on “3 on thursday |7.16.20…

  1. whew about your tests! (did they really say to keep washing groceries? we still are, but I don’t think it’s very common any more) and CONGRATULATIONS on your 100 Day finish! The afghan turned out so well and I really love how it’s a knitted form of quilting.


  2. Good news on the test results and congrats on finishing the log cabin blanket. Socks? I’m not a sock knitters I have been thinking about a new quilting project


  3. I am very glad to hear that you both had negative results! I would hope we’d get to a point where everyone can get tested regardless of whether they’re having symptoms so everyone can know their status, but at least locally we’re not there yet.

    Congrats on finishing your nine-patch blanket! I hope you’ll do a show and tell on Sunday!


  4. Hooray for negative COVID results. I want all my blog pals and their family’s to be healthy!!!! I’ll go look at your lap robe next . I have to have a virtual visit with my internist in a few minutes!


  5. Hooray for good testing news and for finishing the lap robe. The photo collage is so pretty – bright and cheerful. ahh – return to quilting is on my sometime list too.


  6. Many congratulations on finishing your afghan – that must have been very pleasing! Super striped socks – they’d make me smile every time I put them on, I think. Good to hear you are not poorly, and that there are lovely spaces to get out and about in. I think the 60s here have largely abandoned social distancing when out and about, but those of us oldies seem to be more careful, leaving plenty of space between us and others. Strange times!


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