5 on friday|7.17.20 …


  1.  Summer has arrived: 90s and beyond for the next 10 days plus – yuk! …
  2.  My TBR list grows mucho faster than my “dun read” list; thinking I need to rethink what will guide my decision of what to read when; or throw dice; or close my eyes and pull a slip; or just say YES to NO!!! – as I can’t read them all.  Perhaps this Medium article – a 4 min read – will help …
  3. Sharing from Austin Kleon’s 7/16.20 newsletter : “My favorite hand-powered technology? Paper and Pencil “…
  4. Tim Holtz and other white artists are sponsoring a two day event: Pass The Brush, July 16 & 17. 25 white artists will Pass the Brush to 25 black artists in an effort to show solidarity, to amplify black artists’ presence in the art world … Check out the social media event here: instagram.com/p/CCtKBhZnaPs/
  5. It is indeed a balancing act trying to use my iTools simultaneously while drafting this post…several times I found myself using the Mac keyboard to make entries on the iPad and the Apple pencil to write in my analog 3.5 x.5.5 paper notebook…and of course, capturing all with my iPhone, earplugs & audio book out/off. Now, if all that could happen, wouldn’t tech indeed be grand?! (Quiet as it’s kept, I’d love to be able to type an interabang   – without having to copy+paste or memorize the html code…)

Have a great weekend. Stay cool and safe.


7 thoughts on “5 on friday|7.17.20 …

  1. I have been watching pass the brush and have found some wonderful new accounts to follow on you tube and IG. Now if only I could find all those art supplies I have so carefully stored away.


  2. Thanks for the Austin Kleon link – yet another artist who loves notebooks to follow!

    I love your whole ibook and mac set up — and of course, love seeing your notebooks!

    Stay cool!


  3. I am having the same trouble with my TBR list. It’s a good thing that not everything I want to read is immediately available from the library — the hold list seems to be helping me to decide what to read next! I think drawing a title at random out of a hat seems like a good idea if everything is an option.


  4. I had to google interabang 🙂 and I love all your connected iDevices. You do a great job managing all the different interfaces/technologies! I’m especially impressed with your iPad and your pen/paper. of course I have NO good input about the TBR. mine is completely, totally out of control. Thankfully, I never lack for a book to read!


  5. You’re way ahead of me with all that Apple technology. I stick to my phone and my computers 95% of the time. My TBR list also grows faster than I can finish books. Periodically, I weed out items from the list. One goal next month is to purge books from my unread shelves, The new question I intend to ask: If I found this book in a bookstore today, would I still buy it? If the answer’s no, it’s going in a box to donate once the library accepts donations again. The library opened to patrons today, but I’m planning to stick with their curbside pickup which has worked really well.


  6. Well, I’d never heard of an interabang. What an interesting concept … (had to google). I’m in awe of so many bits of tech that you are able to keep track of. I find it hard enough to manage a laptop, phone and pen and paper – and even then there seem to be too many bits of paper! Yes, so many interesting book to read; I’ve currently given up trying to keep a list of them as I know my bookshelves do not need more additions, and our library is currently not doing any inter-library loans (their stock doesn’t tend to hold the sort of books I want to read). There’s always the seduction of Kindle but I’m trying very hard not to succumb!


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