july’s new moon | 7.20.20 …


Today, the hottest day so far this season, is also the new moon.  According to my zodiac sign – Scorpio – travel and books are on my mind . Yep, I have to agree. I’d hoped to be traveling to Sisters OR, early Fall and I’ve two books  – both vying for my time and attention – nearly finished, just in time for tomorrow’s Recent Reads Zoom gathering. I have at least one Zoom session every day this week! To say Zoom has been a lifeline is an understatement. I’d planned to post earlier today but got sidetracked by another project I am resurrecting, starting today.  My plan is to share more about it later this week.

I hope you have a cool(er) week than what we’re having right now- our prospects don’t look too good. Fortunately, we have AC!!! and I’ve plenty of activities to keep me occupied.

Visit this site if you’d like to read your horoscope for July’s New Moon in Cancer … and stay cool.


PS. The moon face is from a Sunrise greeting card  I found in my stash- NA as best I can tell.

12 thoughts on “july’s new moon | 7.20.20 …

  1. NICE. I like that list, I think Ill try it on my next page. I need to share some YB pages on OTVG IG so you and KMG can see. 😉 I’ll also print out the Art and my horoscope form that link, great colors! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I don’t have quite as many online gatherings as you do, but I had one today, and two tomorrow. The best one is an almost daily one with Caleb. We chose a novel, and I read aloud for 30-35 minutes. We’ve nearly finished the first novel in just a week, but a second one should arrive shortly. I’ve also had a weekly study group since the beginning of Lent which I love. We’re on our third project–we’ve finished one book and an online study of the Book of Acts, and are 2/3 of the way through book #2. There’s talk of taking on a year-long book project starting in the fall.


  3. I read Before We Were Yours last year. Oh my, that is a powerful book. The fact that it is based on true events make it even more disturbing. I loved the book. Hope you will enjoy it too.


  4. I’m guessing you’re very thankful for your new air conditioner right about now! Glad to hear that you’re keeping busy on Zoom and reading some good books.


  5. My zoom meetings have settled down now that I am retired. And after saying how we don’t get so much hot weather, we are having a PNW heat wave that has me just wanting to sit next to a fan.


  6. So glad your A/C is working well. I love the list of prompts on your art journal page. I may try them in my journal. I am always looking for writing prompts.


  7. Oh no! My horoscope says to focus on budgeting and it will pay off in the long run. I am going to ponder on that one!


  8. I like your list – that’s such a good way to capture a day, in a brief space of time (and energy). Envying you that heat, though – currently we have 55F here. It’s going to be 90F on Friday (hmm, I’ll believe it when I experience it), and no-one here has aircon so it will be a hot day if it happens. Thank-you for the horoscope link: children feature in mine (very true) and a recommendation to be more creative :).


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