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~watching Ali Edwards Story Begin presentation~

Saturday. 1:15 pm – well, 1:18 pm.  Just as I started to “pen this post,” my sister called to see if I’d be home this afternoon – Yep!  We caught up a bit, said “goodbye; see you later.” I sat down to write, capture the moment.  The morning has been quiet – just what I needed and “scheduled” via default, i.e., I planned to not do much of anything, texting to a friend : “Just enjoying a slow morning/day. Nothing pressing or urgent or exciting on the docket – and that’s A OK with me. To be continued…

A while back, I saw an Instagram planner entry dubbed “Self-care Saturday.”  The idea has intrigued me and I’ve toyed with it ever since.  What are the things I do or could do that could/would be check marks in the self-care column, hmmm?

1. Enjoy a leisurely morning, journaling, watching the weather evolve, birds and squirrels forage, study the sky as the weather changes. Things I do pretty much everyday…

2. Read.  My morning reads are mostly non-fiction … On Saturdays, maybe switch to fiction?

3. Plan and Journal the day’s agenda/itinerary – if there is one …

4. FaceTime and /or Text with family and friends …

5. Drink tea. Prepare/eat breakfast or brunch …

I don’t sleep in – I’m generally up at the same time everyday and I deliberately don’t look at news or email. I definitely don’t plan, if at all avoidable, to run errands, grocery shop, do household chores unless an event/task, such as going to the city’s “transfer station,” a fancy title for dump, falls on Saturday. Later today, I have a 3 PM Zoom session on a craft technique: stamping…a skill that comes with practice, patience and persistence.

Coming with the 15th of each month is also Ali Edwards’ Story Kits, Stamps, Prompts. This month’s theme: Begin. Perfect. It’s January, the beginning of a new year, accompanied by “resolve” to refrain from exercising old habits, ways, etc that did not contribute towards fulfillment. Certainly that holds true for me in many ways.  Recent life changes have forever impacted me, requiring that I begin an entirely new daily rhythm and approach each moment with courage and self compassion…that I take care of me. That I begin …

What new beginnings have you made for 2022? I invite you to join me on the 15th of each month – or whichever date you choose – to document a moment in time in your life. Such a chronicle makes for interesting reading.





9 thoughts on “simply a moment | 1.15.22 …

  1. oh wow, the 15th of the month here and gone already. I love how you capture this moment every month! self-care for me sounds a lot like yours … definitely with fiction, and also a walk or some yoga.


  2. Simply a moment is a great peek into your month. I love begin as a word for January.I have been listening to Best Year yet, beginning is the first step.


  3. I like your idea of self-care Saturdays; I look forward to Saturday every week, and yet it always seems to get filled up so quickly with chores and errands and general running around.


  4. I like the idea of a day for self-care. Your list is very inspiring. I try to reserve Sundays for this sort of thing. I also like the idea of capturing a moment.


  5. Have a self-care Saturday sounds very kind, with a chance to reflect and note what’s no longer nourishing you, and explore what now might. Change takes energy – and courage and self-compassion are wonderful companions for change: a trip of ‘c’s’. (If you see what I mean.). I always enjoy your Simply A Moment.


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