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full wolf moon: I took this shot of the moon Wednesday morning, just around 7:20 am. I’d stepped out to catch the last vestiges of sunrise and was amazed to see the moon, full in all it’s glory, in the north western sky…

brrr!  Today’s temp is a cold 25 degrees, up from this morning’s low of 15!  I am thankful that both the furnace and heat pump are working . Shortly after 1:30 pm I went out  to start the car, just to be on the safe side.  Eventually, I’ll resume parking in the garage if I ever get it cleared of overflow items that hopefully can be donated rather than sent to a landfill …

22 in 22! I’ve been drafting and refining my”22 for 22″ list over the past couple days …I find it astonishing that I am a bit challenged to come up with 22 things I’d like to have accomplished by year’s end.  Some  items are repeats; some have been on my list for a decade (I’m not exaggerating) and some are new to me … One in particular:  Go to the Smithsonian Museum’s National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden is at the top of the list…if only Covid would cease and desist… the last time I was there was shortly after Christmas, 2019.

The weekend’s weather forecast is not showing much change; that’s the bad news. The good news: My “22 for 22” List, despite the fact that it is not quite complete,  offers a choice of inside activities.

Have a good weekend.




12 thoughts on “it’s friday|

  1. We made it to 16° today. I went as far as the mailbox (ours is across the street) and ran into a Tex-Mex restaurant to collect our “to go” order for dinner. Otherwise I’m determined to stay home. Have no reason to leave in the next couple of days. I’m not a fan of the cold, and our old house (despite a newish furnace) has a hard time keeping up with it. Your photo of the moon is lovely; no sightings here.


  2. that moon looks like a painting! I’m happy to be staying inside this weekend (except for quick walks with Holly) … my favorite “engaged solitude” activities are perfect for these cold dreary days.


  3. I saw that moon when I went to get my daughter up yesterday morning — it was so bright! I hope that you are staying warm indoors this weekend. It’s quite frigid here this morning (-2 without wind child when I got up this morning), and there is a lot of ice out there, so I’m planning to stay in with my knitting and my reading.


  4. What a lovely photo … We saw the moon too, when we went out for a walk at 7.45 am. – and were entranced to also see the sun come up on the other side of the sky. Well done on completing your 22 things list; I think I’d find it a bit daunting. At the moment, my dearest wish is to see my son and family – it’s nearly two years now.


  5. It is so good to be here Honore. My computer is again agreeing with me. 22 in22. Wow. I admire that. Im sti11 recovering a bit from 2021. KNitting he1ps me move a1ong quiet1y. B1ogging does too. I want to see my son too. This COVID stuff has to stop. Hugs to you!


  6. What a beautiful photo. I love it when I step outdoors and unexpectedly catch a glimpse of beauty. I’m with you. It’s time for Covid to cease and desist. I hope your inside pursuits keep you warm and cozy.


  7. Love your moon photo. I’ve been enjoying the moon as well – usually at 3 a.m. when I wake up for no apparent reason other than to look at the moon! It has been chilly here too and I am thankful to still be working from home. Hope your week is off to a great start!


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