sometimes monday| 2.14.22…



… is Valentine’s Day! 

The above photo of my nieces, taken 20 years ago; the clue? Kayla, the baby in the photo, celebrated her 21st birthday last month and in the photo, she looks to be about a year old.

Despite brilliant sunshine,  the day has been bone cold~ in the low 20s.  I took several walks and really regretted being out.  The exercise was good and I give myself a gold star for braving the cold – but I don’t think I’ll be so virtuous any time soon  – especially if the temperature stays in the 20s.

Nephew Chris brought his brother Elias chocolate from the Valentine’s exchange at school. Apparently, Chris doesn’t eat chocolate (a fact I did not know)… but Elias does.  He was delighted and made short shrift of the treat!

Sending Valentine’s wishes  your way (and warmth if it’s cold).



thursday three| 2.3.22


~Chris waiting for school bus~

Tuesday saw the return to in-person school days for Chris, 7 1/2, second grade. T’was cold as he and his mom waited for the big yellow school bus. Despite the look on his face, Chris was excited to resume in person classes – his first since March 2020. Mom and Elias – 4 years – perhaps not so; Elias entertained himself with the Very Hungry Caterpillar among other fun titles.


I received my copy of Daniel Pink’s newest book:


I first “met” Daniel Pink in 2007 when I’d stumbled upon his book A WHOLE NEW MIND, Riverhead Books,  c2005. I’d arrived home late in the evening, after driving from Delaware. Wide awake, I decided to read my new book… I remember reading the entire 234 pages that night, well into the wee small hours of the morning. Of course I had to go to work …

Fast forward 15 years: I was delighted to learn that Dan had a new book and I attended a pre-pub Zoom event Sunday evening, Feb 1, 2022… Like clockwork, the book arrived about 10:30 am, Tuesday morning.  Fortunately these days, I don’t have “bright and early” meetings to attend  and can therefore, read late into the wee small hours of the morning…except I rarely do. My “internal clock” winds down much earlier these days and most of my reading takes place mornings. I am definitely a LARK.

I have started THE POWER OF REGRET.  I am pacing myself: I have several other books in various stages of being read and a few other things that also demand my undivided attention. I’ve been retired for 12 years; funny, I seem to have less time now than I did way back when …


my one word| january 2022

Earlier this month, I shared my word Zibaldone, 14th Century Italian for “commonplace book,” a journal or diary, etc, about “a heap of things.” This definition brings to mind today’s tools and resources : diaries, journals, sketch books, random note catchers -think sticky notes or any available piece of paper < my bad habit – waiting to be scribbled on or quick digital notes made on one’s smart phone via both text and voice. If you’re like me, you have a bright idea or vague memory of something seen, heard – bits and pieces of your daily life that have made their way into your brain, that vast storage tool – and if you’re also like me, you also can’t remember where you placed your pen that you just had in your hand a minute ago or your keys (hopefully not in the refrigerator <remember that commercial of the lady who absent-mindedly did so?). In many ways, the Internet, is a humongus Zibaldone. On a more conservative level, think diary; your planner; doodle pad; drawings; scrapbook; photos on your smart phone tagged place/time/date and subject; sketches …

My goal/plan this year, 2022, using the tools mentioned in the preceding paragraph, is to document and create my own Zibaldone: an artistic record of each 24 hours, each week, month, quarter, season. Some may call the resource I create a scrapbook; planner; diary; journal; word, photo collage, and they are all correct descriptors.

In my 2022 Zibaldone, I will combine: words, pictures, art explorations; connections with friends and family; desires; wishes, grace notes, thoughts, inspirations, experiences, learnings, “22 in 22 lists,” books read, to be read or not; STORY- about me, family, friends, things, places, pictures, artistic and creative expressions, feelings, practices, wins, etc…and tools I use at the beginning, during and end of my days; memory keeping; collage and my own art play expressions.

I don’t have a vision of a final product other than it will be a Zibaldone of 2022 as lived, learned, experienced. Stay tuned. To be continued…

it’s friday|



full wolf moon: I took this shot of the moon Wednesday morning, just around 7:20 am. I’d stepped out to catch the last vestiges of sunrise and was amazed to see the moon, full in all it’s glory, in the north western sky…

brrr!  Today’s temp is a cold 25 degrees, up from this morning’s low of 15!  I am thankful that both the furnace and heat pump are working . Shortly after 1:30 pm I went out  to start the car, just to be on the safe side.  Eventually, I’ll resume parking in the garage if I ever get it cleared of overflow items that hopefully can be donated rather than sent to a landfill …

22 in 22! I’ve been drafting and refining my”22 for 22″ list over the past couple days …I find it astonishing that I am a bit challenged to come up with 22 things I’d like to have accomplished by year’s end.  Some  items are repeats; some have been on my list for a decade (I’m not exaggerating) and some are new to me … One in particular:  Go to the Smithsonian Museum’s National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden is at the top of the list…if only Covid would cease and desist… the last time I was there was shortly after Christmas, 2019.

The weekend’s weather forecast is not showing much change; that’s the bad news. The good news: My “22 for 22” List, despite the fact that it is not quite complete,  offers a choice of inside activities.

Have a good weekend.




simply a moment | 1.15.22 …


~watching Ali Edwards Story Begin presentation~

Saturday. 1:15 pm – well, 1:18 pm.  Just as I started to “pen this post,” my sister called to see if I’d be home this afternoon – Yep!  We caught up a bit, said “goodbye; see you later.” I sat down to write, capture the moment.  The morning has been quiet – just what I needed and “scheduled” via default, i.e., I planned to not do much of anything, texting to a friend : “Just enjoying a slow morning/day. Nothing pressing or urgent or exciting on the docket – and that’s A OK with me. To be continued…

A while back, I saw an Instagram planner entry dubbed “Self-care Saturday.”  The idea has intrigued me and I’ve toyed with it ever since.  What are the things I do or could do that could/would be check marks in the self-care column, hmmm?

1. Enjoy a leisurely morning, journaling, watching the weather evolve, birds and squirrels forage, study the sky as the weather changes. Things I do pretty much everyday…

2. Read.  My morning reads are mostly non-fiction … On Saturdays, maybe switch to fiction?

3. Plan and Journal the day’s agenda/itinerary – if there is one …

4. FaceTime and /or Text with family and friends …

5. Drink tea. Prepare/eat breakfast or brunch …

I don’t sleep in – I’m generally up at the same time everyday and I deliberately don’t look at news or email. I definitely don’t plan, if at all avoidable, to run errands, grocery shop, do household chores unless an event/task, such as going to the city’s “transfer station,” a fancy title for dump, falls on Saturday. Later today, I have a 3 PM Zoom session on a craft technique: stamping…a skill that comes with practice, patience and persistence.

Coming with the 15th of each month is also Ali Edwards’ Story Kits, Stamps, Prompts. This month’s theme: Begin. Perfect. It’s January, the beginning of a new year, accompanied by “resolve” to refrain from exercising old habits, ways, etc that did not contribute towards fulfillment. Certainly that holds true for me in many ways.  Recent life changes have forever impacted me, requiring that I begin an entirely new daily rhythm and approach each moment with courage and self compassion…that I take care of me. That I begin …

What new beginnings have you made for 2022? I invite you to join me on the 15th of each month – or whichever date you choose – to document a moment in time in your life. Such a chronicle makes for interesting reading.





tgif | 1.14.22

thinking: how lovely the day has been – weather and time/task wise. we’re having a brief respite from the cold that greeted us at week’s beginning, tho’ that’s to be short-lived, perhaps accompanied by snow Sun and Mon. In these parts, time will tell… if you look closely, you can see the beginnings of January’s full Wolf Moon, to appear Monday evening…

gratitude: yesterday morning I went “grocery shopping” at 8 am; hadn’t been at that time since the pandemic began in 2020. t’was a good time of day, limited shoppers, traffic and for the most part, shelves were stocked. for the drive home, I treated myself to a decaf hot latte – pretzel spice. didn’t much like; I’ll choose a different flavor next time…

inspired: this “cozy quilt embroidery sampler” strikes my fancy. it’s a stitch-along designed and created by Celeste Johnson of Lemon Made Shop. Tho’ the quilt along is already underway this month, I just discovered it today. Looking over the supply list, I have scissors, needles, a needle minder, probably an embroidery hoop and possibly muslin or Kona cotton. No doubt my mother had some of the supplies; I imagine they are still here…if not, I’ll get (any excuse to go shopping, even if it’s only virtual). I am adding to my 2022 to be stitched list that I am thinking will be my focus for the 2022 #the100dayproject that starts February 13…

fun: for nearly two years, I’ve joined Daily Pages, created by rukristin of the awesome ladies project; the photo is the page I made today. the photo of the salad is what inspired me…especially the statement on the salad. and yes, I am thinking seriously about a vegan diet…moving into it slowly.

Have a good weekend.


sometimes mondays|1.10.22 …



Progress is slow these days with my stitching projects… The operative word is progress and I am happy to share the needlepoint I’m currently (liberal use of that word) stitching. Yesterday was Friendstitchin’ Sunday and I made considerable progress on the piece. What I discovered when I prepared to pen this post is I did NOT take any photos of the projects my friends were stitching! I don’t even have an idea why.


As you can see, I’ve a long way to go… my plan is to stitch 22 minutes a day until I’m done, maybe by Spring.


I took this photo yesterday morning – it definitely reminds me of the needlepoint canvas. The black bar is the window frame – snow still on the deck and it’s just too durn cold to be out these winter mornings, especially with temperatures in the low 30s…

It’s later in this day and I’ve not stitched, yet… I guess I’d better get a moveon if I’m going to stitch or I’ll end up with a one day streak. Hah!



Zibaldone | january 2022 …

Snow: Today we have S-N-O-W! Easily 5 inches, maybe more.The snow has now stopped; the sun shines; the sky is blue and it’s a tad cold : 28 degrees.  All lovely – a welcome surprise on this 3rd day of the new year! Perhaps this is Mother Nature’s way to curtail the spread of Omicron, at least for a bit here on the east coast. T’is a nice thought… Words: My one little word for 2022 is Zibaldone, Italian for occasional thoughts, notes, quotations, lists, etc ~ all the things we manage to capture in notebooks, journals, on index cards, bits and pieces of whatever piece of paper might be in an arm’s reach or a note, jotted on our smart phones, via type or verbally or photo. All designed to capture a moment, a fleeting thought, idea, quote, task, memory, weather event such as S-N-O-W… Zibaldone: Why? I like the word – it has often intrigued me and has been on my bucket list to explore since 2018. The choice came to me out of the blue, about December 15, 2021. I’d recently ordered and received the book – a mean 2502 pages of tissue thin paper. As I picked up the book and examined some of those 2502 pages, the thought went off like fireworks: “This is it! My word for 2022!”
I have absolutely no idea, preconceived thoughts or expectations as to how the word will show up, shout out, over these next 362 days of 2022… based on my experiences with previous words, there will be all sorts of surprises. Just as today’s snow! In a way, and this may be a stretch, I see Zibaldone as a quilt patchwork, made of bits and pieces of fabrics that hold all sorts of experiences, meaning and  herstory . I look forward to experiencing and sharing my Zibaldone adventures in 2022. Hopefully most will be as surprising as today’s snow. Cheers~

tgif | 12.31.2021

T- Turns out it’s been a lovely afternoon. I took a quick trip to the grocery store and while the parking lot was busy, busy, busy, checkout lines were moving with considerable speed. Home and once I’d “washed” the groceries, I decided, since the day was sunny, not too cold and the absolutely last day of this incredibly horrible year, I’d take a photo walk. I started out on my usual path to and through the park but decided to take a different route out. A half block later, I came across this incredible display of inflatable Christmas decor. Amazing!

G – My next photo was of a barren tree against the blue and white clouded sky – reminiscent of the needlepoint I’m stitching and a reminder of a similar painting I made when I was 16. I don’t have the painting but I often think of it, especially when I see a barren tree against the sky. I think I should just reproduce the painting. Yes! It belongs on my “22 for 22” List, created by Gretchen Rubin, available here as a free download …

I – absolutely love this photo of Chris (7 years) and Elias ( 4 years) playing with a new Christmas gift from their grandfather. I think Chris is explaining to Elias how it works. (This wasn’t a part of my walk … the photo was just sitting on my desk.)

F – Friday, is, I think a great day to end a year, especially the one we’ve had. Friday has all sorts of meanings but a change of pace is perhaps the most widely recognized in this country. Whatever Friday’s significance, for certain one is a change of pace. There is definitely a different rhythm to life and yep, I’m glad today is Friday, the end of the month of December and the end of this year, 2021!

Happy New Year. May 2022 be your/our best year ever! Stay safe and well!