ready to unravel and stitch a bit…


This morning I woke up at at 5:45 am and took myself to my sewing studio; it had become a dumping ground  for QUiPS – quilt projects in progress…or not!  Two hours + minutes later, I finished sorting through all the projects  – in various stages of undone – that had accumulated. Some were on the design wall; others, on my cutting table and in a wicker basket. Last Monday I purchased (more) fabric for two quilts: one for Kayla -she graduates from high school in May and one for a project that, sadly, has been on my to do list four years! Way too long.

I  compiled a list of ten QUiPS: some are almost done…others, yet to be started or require a different approach. I also have a list of knitting projects in various stages – but that’s a story for another day!

In thinking about the best approach for tackling my list, several options come to mind; I could:

  1. Designate a day of the week for each project-the children’s nursery rhyme comes to mind: Monday is washing day, Tuesday is ironing day, etc: Monday is QUiP #1, Tuesday, QUiP # 3, etc or
  2. Schedule a couple hours each/most days and stitch a bit on this, that or
  3. Pull slips of paper with the QUiP written on it from a basket ;-)).

I may just implement all three options. However I choose to proceed, I know my four year QUiP is numero uno…and now that I have found the fabric, I can pull it together. I am ready.

In the meantime, it’s time today to proceed with tomorrow’s preparations. And time’s a wastin…

Joining Kat and others here for Unraveled Wednesday.