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6:30 am:  On this first day of the return to “normal” time, I stand on the deck, inhale the crisp autumn morning air – it’s only 37°F!  I had the presence of mind to put on a jacket and hat…and I’m glad I did! I look upward to the sky, ribbons of pink-tinged clouds and jet contrails, planes headed to National Airport, greet me. Birds swiftly fly toward the morning sun, so fast I can’t/don’t capture with my iPhone.

The tree, “this tree,” that I observe through every season, is fast loosing its leaves. Everyday, I can see more of its magnificent structure. Still, at the very top, are bright yellow leaves…causing me to remember the symphony of color that greets us these days as we walk, ride, drive, are out and about – on errands, on the way to work, play or home. The season is ending; leaves gather on sidewalks, lawns. Mother Nature prepares for the next.

On this thought, I turn to go inside to fix my first cuppa tea and listen to Sunday Baroque…and I think how grateful I am for the life I’ve had… and to welcome another day.

9 thoughts on “@sunrise …

  1. A lovely post, but something strange from this end. I first see your posts in Feedly, then click through to your blog to leave a comment. In Feedly, that beautiful tree is a Waterlogue photo, but when I click through it’s the original photo! Both are gorgeous!


    1. Well, a strange thing “did” happen: originally, I’d posted a waterlogue but for some strange reason, it published “small.” Not sure why, so I replaced with the original. Gotta find out the answer to that puzzle.Stay tuned!


  2. What a beautiful photo – I have been enjoying the earlier sunrises – but yikes! 37 degrees!! not quite ready for that here!


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