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In early October I found I’d Rather Be Reading on the B&N new books display table; took a quick look-thru and added to my stack of books and magazines to take home! What a find! Anne Bogel, the author, grew up, if not having arrived in this world, with the perpetual book in her hands. Her parents, siblings and children are all avid readers and they lived, literally next door to a library! Say no more.

Anne is known on the internet and among readers as “Modern Mrs. Darcy;” she has a very active website; hosts an online book club; and a weekly podcast “What Should I Read Next? (WSIRN?)” Widely read, Anne discusses with her guests their recent reads and then offers the guest 3-4 titles to “read next.”  I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcasts – especially on my walks – and am delighted that there are about 150 in the queue…listening nirvana and a tremendous source for my own WSIRN? As if that’s a problem! I recently listened to Episode 155: guests are a father/daughter who share an Audible account; they began listening to one another’s choices  –  which were totally out of each’s comfort zone!

I’ve taken a slight break from my stitching projects – there are just not enough hours nor energy left at the end of the day to pick up any sort of the needle… learning the new blog platform takes a bit of my time and energy; that, coupled with the pesky c-a-r problems and general life demands: grocery shopping; doctors’ appointments; etc… have kept me pretty much occupied. However, the changing and upcoming seasons – not to mention the design wall in my stitching studio – are stirring the desire for me to return/resume. Any day now.

After a later than usual night, MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time) has lasted a tad longer this morning. I am grateful for this day: Hope is alive;  the sun shines; leaves fall gently from this and other trees in my view. I think I best get a move on so I can take advantage of Mother Nature’s invitation .

What’s on your agenda? Would you rather be reading, too? Joining Kat and others here.



9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 11.7.18 …

  1. Reading has definitely taken a back seat to knitting. But, I recently purchased a Stephen King book. Definitely not my usual genre, but it piqued my interest so I stepped out of the box.

    Now I need to sit down with it and get started.

    Happy Wednesday, Honore!


  2. I actually listened to WSIRN for a while, until I realized that my to-read list was far too long and could never be read in my lifetime! I am often looking for my next great read, but sometimes it’s nice to settle down and read what I’ve got instead of always looking for more.


  3. I followed her for a while, but – like Bonny – felt overwhelmed by All the Books. I do miss her … and perhaps it’s a good time to revisit. (and now – just before 9pm! – I’m off to bed … MANY hours of sleep to catch up on 🙂


  4. Thank you for the link! And, yes… there have been times when I have asked – what should I read next… especially after a particularly spectacular book. I hope the blog is feeling more comfortable each day and cars… great things when they work!


  5. Ahhh, thanks for the link. Food for thought. There are so many unread books in my house…I find I don’t read as many “real” (for lack of a better word) books these days as I keep getting books on my Kindle from Overdrive. Like Bonny, I am afraid my TBR list far exceeds my life time. I may take a listen though as it sounds good! I tend to read just before bed…and I wish I could stay awake longer….


  6. I’m totally afraid to start listening or reading about any more books. My list is already SO long and I keep adding new ones all the time. Just this week I picked up a newly published book by an author I like, but there was almost no reading time this weekend, and the week ahead doesn’t look much better. Ahhh. . it is a good problem to have.


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