3 on Thursday | 11.8.2018…


Today was meet up with my Thursday stitching friends. We met at our friend who, three weeks ago, had major foot surgery. Tho’ confined to her apartment – a 3rd floor walkup – she gets around with a scooter that has a seat. It works well for the space and keeps her mobile. We brought potluck: soup, salads, and desserts. We had a good time: catching up, sharing, reviewing the week’s elections and other political news. The drive was especially beautiful. The trees have nearly reached their peak; on the way home, sunlight streamed so one could get a deeper look into the interior. I wished I could stop and take a few dozen photos; of course, that wasn’t possible. I am grateful, though, for the visuals inscribed in my memory.

As I drove, taking in the rich deep colors of the changing trees, I kept thinking, out loud:  I am thankful that I live in an area that has four seasons! I love seeing Mother Nature’s wonders: trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, the sky –  and sometimes, the temperature is just right!  Autumn is my favorite season. Despite the cold, I do like Winter, especially on days after a fresh snowfall, generally few in these parts. Then Spring…and again, the trees don their gently colored frocks. Lastly, Summer; it’s the humidity that gets me. Were it not, I’d probably not mind as much.

I use the Apple Watch Breathe app to start my mornings…as my tea steeps. I am finding that this simple 4-6 minutes activity helps  me set a calmer, more positive tone for my thoughts and  the day. And when I’m frazzled, which is often <smile>, I turn to the breath. I am grateful that I have incorporated this simple and generally available technique in my lifeApple Watch or app not needed!

Joining Carole and others for another Thursday 3!


7 thoughts on “3 on Thursday | 11.8.2018…

  1. We lived in FL for a couple of years and I often bemoaned the fact that we only had one season – hot and sunny. I also love the fact that we now live somewhere with four seasons. If I’m honest I wish it was three seasons, but I think summer and its humidity is the price I have to pay for enjoying a lovely fall, winter, and spring!


  2. I too love the seasons. And, I love your shared drive… especially the gratitude of the memory. I need to be more of that sometimes and less of worrying about getting the perfect picture! Thank you for sharing this, Honore! I will use this as my basis for my gratitude memories this morning!


  3. I, too, am grateful for four seasons. I would miss any one of them if we moved somewhere else. Fall, too is my most favorite. I practice my yoga breath to calm me down.


  4. What a lovely way to incorporate gratitude into your post! I loved Michelle’s suggestion to breathe in Gratitude and then see what the outgoing breath says. (I’m also a fan of that Apple Watch app!)


  5. I, too, enjoy four seasons, but would like for the winter to be a bit shorter! Fortunately, the humidity here in the summer is rarely oppressive. Your photo is simply gorgeous. We haven’t had the same range of colors this year—mostly rust orange and yellow.


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