on gratitude and writing…


This morning, during MSQT – morning solitude and quiet time – I thought a lot about gratitude and writing. In a way, they are synonymous to me. I can’t seem to think about /express one without the other.

MSQT begins when I go downstairs and set up my space/place at the table: I pull my Raskog book cart close to the table, take the lamp off  and set it on the table. Next, set placemats out: one is for my journal, the other, my tea  mug and water glass; both sit on a small tray. Finally, I arrange other paraphernalia: pens; my journal; my iPad and iPhone, plugging which ever one might need a charge into the outlet on the lamp; and the book/s I’m currently reading. I then boil water (in the microwave) for tea and fix myself a glass of ice-cold water. When the water is boiled, I take the mug to the table, sit, plop in my tea bag and breathe for 4-5 minutes. Once that’s done, I am ready to write.

My daily journal entry always begins with the date, time, a “brief weather report” in the form of a graphic: a cloud or sun or snowflake. Next I write a bit about the day before, today’s upcoming agenda, my thoughts, feelings, plans, ideas, surroundings, memories, and gratitudes.

I find that I enjoy the physical act of writing, of making letters, forming sentences, expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings, describing my surroundings, anticipating and/or relishing my experiences. I also read – generally a book that helps me explore a current or long-time interest, poetry, or an essay. Most often, books by writers on the practice of writing. Hard work.

I write, not because I want to publish – anything beyond a blog post – but because it fills my soul …and for that, I am grateful.

What fills your soul?


11 thoughts on “on gratitude and writing…

  1. What Kat said!! …my journal entries always start with the day, the date, the time and the temp/weather (today it was 34 degrees/fair and every so often the sunrise/sunset times) … wondering if I got that last bit from you? Happy Saturday!


  2. Exactly. What fills my soul? Poetry – my own and the work of others, the prairie, the wind, the sky, my grandchildren, knitting, and filling a page with letters and words.


  3. My journal writing usually comes at the end of the day. This month, however, I’m practicing 30 days of gratitude, and I’m writing a bit earlier most days. I usually write long-hand in a journal, but for this I’m using a Word document and find I’m writing almost twice as much. I have my journal all set up for 2019 so I’ll most likely return to longhand.


    1. I am always trying to add journal writing to the end of my day, also…but about 7 pm, my mind shuts down…oh well, there’s always tomorrow…I tell myself! Eventually!


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