sometimes mondays …



are bare, stately trees against a bright blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds on a 53° F sunny December day, bright red berries and



fabric giraffes, made by a member of my quilt group. I think the giraffes are delightful and plan to make one each for Chris and Elias. Too cute! Too much to hope completed in time for Christmas?  Perhaps a 12 Days of Christmas gift…

Time to get ready for a big band jazz concert at U of Maryland…a fitting end to a busy and delightful day! What brightened your day?



7 thoughts on “sometimes mondays …

  1. THose giraffe toys are amazingly quilted! Fun project I bet. What brightened my day? I was given a bag of apples to pass out to the herd of horses at the barn. I felt like Santa. The horses are outside for the day/eve and the apples seemed to make their eyes sparkle


  2. Your post with the photos and the giraffe toys brightened my day. As well as a little Face Time with my two youngest CT grandchildren. The baby is smiling and cooing.


  3. oh those giraffes! a little Christmas music and a hot batch of homemade latkes brightened my yesterday … maybe I’ll get outside for some blue skies today!


  4. Those giraffes! Too cute!! And, you did have lovely weather yesterday – I thought the amazing sunset at G.H.W. Bush’s arrival to the Capital most amazing.


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