a few of my favorite things …


The Christmas season is the time of the year for lots of nostalgia and memories – the old and the making of the new. Though new items  are and may be added to the collection of memories and things, some things stand the test of time. These are just a few of my favorites:

  1. calendar has been around longer than I remember. It sits on the window sill over the kitchen sink and gets updated everyday…a ritual of sorts as I make tea and prep for MSQT – Morning Solitude and Quiet Time …
  2. bokeh lights …
  3. scotty dog + tree mug , a gift from my friend AJ, easily 25 years ago; there are 4 in the set and I’m so pleased they are all still intact…
  4. ornaments, all handmade, go back decades: the cloth angel Dolly and my mom made three decades ago; the penny rug, my mother made during the first, 1979, International Year of the Child. The bottom two were made by work associates in the mid -70s. All are lying on a woven Scotty dog towel, also made by my mother in the mid ‘8os.

This weekend, when we were pulling out holiday decor, I couldn’t find the ornaments…I rejoiced when they appeared. Whew! I’d not packed them with the others. I’m wondering: do you suppose the time thieves had taken them by mistake?


8 thoughts on “a few of my favorite things …

  1. Pulling out these wonderful decorations and ornaments is one of the reasons I love to decorate for Christmas! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wonderful THINGS. I plan to take ours out this weekend. So many happy little Christmas things to un pack. We are bringing a tiny string of lights to zach on monday. His apt is so small. BUt he can light up his big ponytail plant at least. It is high enough up that Bear, the kitten, shouldnt get to it


  3. Whew! I am glad you found your treasures. Time thieves – I hope not. Although yesterday I was looking for a small Christmas plate – in all the boxes and totes. I finally found a small box between the light box and other seasonal decor storage totes. Somehow a few items were put away later than most of the others, tucked into a small box and into whatever storage space was left. I began to wonder if I only imagined the dish.


  4. That’s the best part of decorating for Christmas . . . pulling out all the memories along with the ornaments and decorations! Thanks for sharing your special Christmas memories.


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