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Christmas, late ’90s: My mother bought the above book for me. In addition to being an alphabet, it is also an advent book, filled with wonderful paper sculptures and accompanying words.


Even tho’ this book has been a Christmas staple, easily 23 years, it still delights each day as I open the corresponding letter for the numerical date…and remember my mom. Always in my thoughts and with me.


Knitting the Christmas stocking is slow progress … but progress is being made! Chalk up a “win in the making…” TBC…and I’m still thoroughly enjoying Michelle Obama’s  Becoming. For sure a keeper – I intend to also purchase the print version, for me and a few secret chosen people…

Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday. Read and Knit on!


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday |12.5.18 …

  1. I remember The Christmas Alphabet well! It was one of our family’s favorite books at Christmas time, and I especially like that you use it as an advent calendar and a remembrance of your mother. I’m getting our copy out as soon as I get home!


  2. What a wonderful little book and how nice that it holds memories of your Mom. Those memories are important to hold and treasure and you are doing just that. Keep on chugging with that Christmas stocking. They do seem to take awhile to knit.


  3. I just realized the alphabet makes a perfect Advent calendar (yep, really!) and that book looks delightful … and I’m so glad you’re making progress on the stocking!


  4. Definitely any books like Sabuda’s pop-up ones are to keep for a long time, to bring out for memories of family as you did.
    (How coincidental, my family bought a couple of Sabuda’s books this past month for our granddaughters, given at Thanksgiving. Indeed, quite wonderful.)


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