9 birds, etc…


nine birds, usually in a row

not today tho’; one chose to


and then it flew away…


It has been a busy day…on the agenda: my annual eye exam  (yesterday was Norman’s) to be followed by a few errands. The latter never happened…by the time my exam was over, dusk and evening rush hour traffic were upon me. Driving home, my eyes still dilated, the lights – street; car head and rear, brake, turn – twinkled like stars. I wished to take a photo but realized that the camera wouldn’t see what my eyes did . As I drove through UMD campus, off US 1, parked on the green: a WWII – I think – military airplane. I suspect it is there in honor of tomorrow’s Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.



8 thoughts on “9 birds, etc…

  1. I love the Nine Birds … and yikes, is it really going to be December 7 tomorrow? (hope your eyes are back to normal tomorrow morning in time for MSQT!)


  2. I’ve been hearing a lot of planes lately – that are loud – like fighter jets or something! We are right by Dulles – and always hear planes flying over – but these have been different.

    Linda in VA


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