sometimes mondays | 1.7.2019


are spectacular sunrises and new kimono sweaters:


sunrise at 7:23:13 am


new kimono sweaters

The story behind the kimono: shortly before Christmas, my friend Diane sent me a text inviting me to look at the above kimono on HSN…she thought I’d like it, especially since it came in my favorite color…and she’d bought one for herself – in red (her fave color, I do believe). I thought, why not and told her to go ahead and order. They came; we both liked and decided to wear to quilt meeting today…

I thought is was fun that Mother Nature also decided to display reds and yellows for today’s sunrise…t’was very dramatic and a delight to watch. Tomorrow, Tuesday 8 January, the temperature’s set to rise to 60 degrees…and come Wednesday, drop precipitously, rain and perhaps even snow by week’s end. Guess that’s January.


10 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 1.7.2019

  1. I love the Waterlogue version of the photo, but would love to see a photograph of that beautiful kimono! Yes, January weather is fickle!


  2. You and your friend look spectacular in your matching kimonos! This weather is truly crazy… well into the 50’s here today but with crazy winds and rain!


  3. One of my to-make’s this year is the Wiksten Haori (fka “Kimono”) – I LOVE the look – and you wear it well! (also, do I spy a much-worn hand-knit around your neck that might need a 2019 refresh?!?)


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