3 on thursday | 1.10.2019…

Tues 8 Jan – 1:50 pm:


My intention this day included döstädning my office area – this photo of  my desk shows why; you think? Then, I planned to write about my 2019 Word … suffice it to say that time took its own speed and before I knew it, I was fresh out of day and energy. Oh well, I sighed, hopefully tomorrow…

Wed 9 Jan – 7: 31 am :


I wrote: “Plowed through the upstairs y’day, creating more areas of stuff to move out…guess it’s called progress. Never wrote a bloomin’ word on the blog – writers (ahem) need to show up everyday at the same time! So again, when ? I stopped to look up/out the window and realized sunrise was on! Morning was all aglow! Gotta leave home, 11-ish – sky is cloudless, a pink, purple blue. Sunlight twinkles on the apartment windows. Serene; lovely; peaceful … 

I had a noon dental appointment, I ran a few errands and stopped at Panera on my way home to get my “free bagel.” I get one everyday this month – so far, I’ve only claimed two… Home, I had lunch & dinner: soup, salad and the bagel. I returned to my craft room for another round of döstädning . About 6 pm, I laid down to rest – next thing I knew, t’was 10 pm; no sense in getting up, I thought and slept the night away. Guess I was tired..

Thurs 10 Jan – 6:30 am

Bright eyed, bushy tailed and wide awake, ready to enjoy MSQT. Windy today – all day! A good day to resume döstädning…I made a list of too many things to accomplish on this day. Top item: Blog! As I was thinking about today’s post, I zeroed in on catching up and using today and the past two day’s as content! Brilliant I thought!  And then I checked my messages and found this great picture of the little boys

photo0 (1)

They’re having a great time! And when Chris is home, he’s seldom without Mickey in one hand and playing with Elias!

Now, back to the agenda item at hand: döstädning. Joining Carole and others for this week’s 3 on Thursday!


10 thoughts on “3 on thursday | 1.10.2019…

  1. I think your desk looks better than mine! Ha! And, that image of the sun reflected in those windows is gorgeous, but it does not compare to those boys! Happy Almost Weekend!


  2. You accomplish so much – even if you don’t get to the blog. Very inspiring. I love the kimono sweaters too. I also like the way you think – I laid down to rest . . . and no sense getting up. Sometimes it is good to soak up a good rest and sleep.


  3. I LOVE that Dolly sends you frequent photos of those little boys … and that you share them with us. (also that someone else has trouble blogging five days in a row 🙂 I’m thinking about letting go of that expectation … wanna join me?)


  4. What a wonderful photo of those little boys! It just makes my heart happy to see them, so I thank you for sharing. (And some days just really seem to get away from us, don’t they?) XO


  5. It looks like a desk that gets well used for lots of different endeavours :). Did you manage to get it clear? How warming to have such a happy photo pop into your phone! I always enjoy your descriptions – so lovely to see that glowing light, for we have had heavy grey skies and rain for days. Rumour has it we may also have snow in a week or so …


  6. Loved the peek at your work space. I saw several items we have in common; no surprise. I think I also spotted my OLW for 2019! Hope to get to the posts for that this week, now that we’re back in Wisconsin after our whirl-wind days in Disney.


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