weekend prep …



This weekend, we’re supposedly  in for our first snow of  the season…so, just to be on the safe side, we went shopping for ice melt and a few food  items to tide us over. I suspect, based on previous experiences, if the snow does come, it’ll be short-lived…but then again, I could be very wrong! Only time will tell.

If it does snow, I  have plenty on my agenda to keep me company. Today, I tackled the clothes’ closet – finally! I feel so much better that I did…now, I need to finish clearing stuff off the bed…because it just might be needed for sleeping .


The sun is setting, the moon is shining and homeward bound rush hour traffic is on the move. Have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “weekend prep …

  1. How much snow are they predicting for you? We are supposed to get between 1″ and 3″ of that fluffy snow. Thankfully, it will mostly fall over night when not so many people will be on the roads.

    Wishing you a good weekend.


  2. It’s always a good idea to be prepared when there are storm warnings! (Although I always find that the more dire the predictions and warnings, the less the impact of the storm. . . ) Stay snug and warm, Honoré. XO


  3. Glad you’re prepared! and yay for the closet cleanup (trust you got the bed cleaned, too 😉 – I am always energized when I get a chore like that done.


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