sometimes mondays | 1.14.19…

9c0274dd-4e07-4380-a472-a99a1f6cb1d4…are snowbound! Doubting Thomasina, aka Honoré, is sitting at the table, enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature’s 30 + hours of soft and steady snowfall. The snowflakes were the type that made you want to stick your tongue out and catch a few…and they also reminded me of making snow ice cream; yummy!


Sunday morning, about 9:30 am, an unscientific count by moi: eyeballing and using a ruler to approximate the ledge of snow on the deck bannister gave me a measurement of 3.5 and growing inches…I’m afraid I’ll be housebound today as I don’t think I can get out of the garage until the snow plow and/or warmer temps come through…

The snow interlude has been very helpful to my Döstädning : Master Bedroom closet cleared! Sewing Studio tackled and completed!  A lot – not that which I’m discarding or donating – of what I removed from the closet made its way across the hall and that  72 square feet was already filled to the gills. Garage here we come – just as soon as I can get out of the house. To be continued…


~today’s morning sunrise~

We totaled about 9 – 11 inches of snow! Any snow in your neck of the woods? Here’s to a good week.


PS. The first two photos were taken Saturday! I couldn’t get out on the deck this morning!

9 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 1.14.19…

  1. Do hope you are getting out and about, though your Swedish ‘dostadning’ must be fulfilling.
    (I do so miss snow, living here in TN. Nada, zip, no show snow here!)


  2. We got very little snow, just a dusting that was easily swept off the porch and pushed with a shovel off the driveway. I didn’t even get to enjoy watching it fall. It did most of the falling in the wee hours of the morning while I was sleeping. I hope you enjoyed your “snow day”.


  3. I was a bit worried that the storm that hit you would come farther north and delay our trip home from Florida to Wisconsin. But there’s been not a flake of snow in the air, nor any on the ground. It’s beautiful in your photos, but since we see plenty of it over the winter, I’m not feeling jealous!


  4. I laughed this morning to see the snowball fights near the White House. but I don’t want YOU to be slowed down in any way! glad you made the most of Sunday’s at home time … and today? I do love A snow day but when we get to more than one, I get a bit antsy.


  5. I love a snow day and we had 6.5 inches here. A lovely fluffy wet snow. Sunday the walks were cleared so i walked in a winter wonderland. Friday my book group met and although we were small in number we had the best time – delicious treats, a good book discussion, and four good friends. Then I drove home in lightly falling snow. Your Swedish cleaning is inspiring. I should tackle a few closets around here.


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