simply a moment | 1.15.19 …


1:15 pm

I realized today that I somehow skipped last month’s  S*A*M – my shorthand for simply a moment, a few moments on the 15th of every month when I pause and pay attention to sensory input: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. Today, my concentration and solitude were rudely interrupted by a series of three spam calls on our new house phone. The previous one, having been in the house for nearly, if not, 9 years gave up the ghost. I thought I could simply replace batteries and was advised a new phone was cheaper than new batteries…



The ringing phone shattered the peace and quiet I was enjoying as I rotary cut 96 rectangles( of two sizes ) for a new quilt I’m making.


(quilt pieces I cut yesterday; today, I’m cutting the white fabric)

As I type, I hear Norman rattlin’ ‘roun in the kitchen, making his lunch,  against the background of the television.  Today, there’s more traffic on the streets – roads are cleared and snow-melting is helped by warmer temps; currently, as I type this post, it ‘s 37 degrees…I wonder if it’s safe enough  for a quick walk outside? Maybe I’ll give it a try in a couple more hours.

Time to resume cutting rectangles. But first, I think a cuppa peach tea would hit the spot right about now… What moments stand out in your today?


Simply a Moment is a monthly post on my blog that I’ve done for several years on the 15th of the month.


6 thoughts on “simply a moment | 1.15.19 …

  1. That looks like a beautiful quilt! The moments that stand out in my day . . . a challenging yoga class this morning and 2 postcards in my mailbox this afternoon! XO


  2. My moments today included a trek to the grocery store – my first since getting pneumonia! It was a daunting outing and I am feeling it now at days end. I really love your fabrics! I can’t wait to see this come together!


  3. Standout moments include more gray hairs on the cape as I had my THIRD “growing out” haircut, lunch with a friend and a brisk walk in the park with Lauren. …but your post makes me think that I’ve seen THREE inspiring quilt posts today and I wonder if that inspiration might really take hold and get me to DO something?! (seriously – this one?!?


  4. Mine is kind of weird and took place in a cross stitch store.

    I was sitting on the floor near the rear of the store looking through their reproduction sampler charts. I can over hear a conversation between the owner (who has always been nice to me) and her employee (also, very helpful), but their conversation was quite rude-ish about someone who had placed a phone order.

    Now I don’t know that the customer was right ………don’t know the WHOLE story. But, the tone of the conversation between the two ladies made the time I spent in the shop awkward and unpleasant. It’s strange to listen to one half of a not-so-pleasant exchange between people.


  5. I love the jewel tones of those beautiful fabrics! We had a lovely trip down to the North Shore today; lunch with a friend at Nordstrom’s and a bit of shopping. Tracy ended up spending more than I did at The Container Store—a first!


  6. Your fabrics are gorgeous! My standout moment yesterday was deciding to run to Trader Joe’s and the liquor store late morning – it was sunny with no wind and much more pleasant outside than I had expected. I wish I had had the time to linger.


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