unraveled wednesday | 1.16.2019


Between Döstädning and Snow (D & S) these first couple weeks of 2019, both knitting and reading have gotten short-shrift:

  • I’m still reading (i.e. listening) Becoming, enjoying and  savoring every word; however because of D & S, daily walks  have been fewer, shorter … I have the print version because pictures  – and also happens to be my preferred way to read.  My next walking companion: Educated by Tara Westover.
  • I did not make as much progress with the stocking as I’d intended but, progress was indeed made! And soon to be finished!  Quite a milestone after all these years!  My  plan for 2019 knitting falls under the category of finish ! More in a future post.

Joining Kat and friends for another week of Unraveled Wednesday!


PS. The clear library book bag in the photo was a birthday gift from friend MT – perfect for both books and knitting/quilting projects on the go!

13 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 1.16.2019

  1. My position on the hold list for Becoming is definitely moving in the right direction! And, I hear you about walking in this weather – today’s freezing rain is curtailing my walk.


  2. Two of my top reads for 2018 were Educated and Becoming. I listened to Becoming, and on my agenda is to get ahold of a hard copy to check out the photos. I loved listening to Michelle read her book, and both books were hard to put down.


  3. I read EDUCATED and really enjoyed it. We chose it as one of our books to discuss this year. I found the author to be amazing.


  4. I started re-listening to Lillian Boxfish on my walk yesterday. Grateful for the good book in my ears AND the sunshine (even though it was chilly). Today the rain comes back. I’m still a little on the fence about Educated – look forward to your review.


  5. I’ll enjoy reading your take on Educated. I did read it, but didn’t like it much! Hope this predicted storm over the weekend is not too bad!


  6. I loved listening to Michelle read Becoming. Hearing her voice just brought it all even more alive for me! And although I didn’t have photos, I went online and found all the ones from the book — plus MORE. It was wonderful!


  7. I am on a long list for Becoming although I gave a copy to my daughter for Christmas. I couldn’t resist looking at the photos before sending it off to her. The stocking is coming along and progress is progress. I too colored in the chart as I knit the last Christmas stocking. The only way for me to stay on track! Stay warm and off the slick streets. More snow on the way here.


  8. That looks like a very complicated coloured chart … Hats off to you for moving this project forward. I haven’t read either of those books yet, but see them mentioned often and and am feeling the weight of ‘ought to’ bearing down :).


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