unraveled wednesday | 3.13.19 …



… t’was a morning filled with lots of color, beginning with another spectacular sunrise. I can never see too many and am grateful for absolutely every one…


… to add to my pleasure, my new Vera Bradley iPad case looked just stupendous with the yellow alstroemeria that are at least a week old… a flower bouquet I can never have too many and am grateful for absolutely every one that greets me in the morning…


… after MSQT, I deliberately took myself to my sewing studio and “quilted” my second convergence quilt piece. The quilting – if you are not a quilter – is called stitch-in-the ditch and follows the seam lines of the quilted pieces. My next steps are:

  1. bury the threads from the quilting;
  2. sew the binding strips together;
  3. machine stitch one edge to the front of the quilt perimeter;
  4. decide whether to hand or machine stitch the back side of the binding.

I’m aiming to have this piece in the finished  column week’s end…


…on the reading front, I finished Gretchen Rubin’s Outer Order Inner Calm. This is a quick read – just 215 pages filled with all sorts of pithiness – and one I think/expect to read more than once, again, soon! I was amused when I read the suggestion,  p.18: “Use technology to clear clutter. ” Gretchen asks: “Why hang on to possessions replaced by technology? and then states … “(Though it does seem like sacrilege not to own a physical copy of a dictionary.)  I so agree!

Time for me to create some order at my workstation, take a walk and listen to Gretchen’s latest Happier podcast, bury some threads on the convergence quilt  and tackle a few more items on my list. No time to procrastinate!

Joining Kat and friends here!




12 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 3.13.19 …

  1. I so agree with you regarding the sunrise! There have been a couple of stellar ones this week! Happy you’re having such a productive week…and yes to the dictionary! (Mine is from my high school graduation in 1977…could be time for an update 🙂 )


  2. Like you, I can never see too many sunrises or sunsets (or your photos of them), and I can never have too many fresh flowers around. I didn’t expect to read Gretchen’s new book, but picked up a copy this afternoon, and am looking forward to working my way through it.


  3. Sounds like you had a very productive day. The yellow flowers are just your color. I will look forward to seeing your quilt as it is finished.


  4. The colour of your ipad cover against the yellow flowers and your beautiful quilt is so uplifting – how spendid to have this greet you every morning. I hadn’t come across that type of stitiching, and my Mum would have been intrigued. Sounds like you need a very steady hand?


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