sometimes mondays| 8.12.19 …


I took an earlier than usual walk this morning, at the tail end of morning rush hour. The sky was as clear as crystal and the temperature, in the cool 70s. As I wended my way, I saw a gift bag, sitting on the ground at a bus stop. Of course, I had to take a look-seek : the bag was empty, save for some sort of advertisement. Amusing… curious … why was the bag there? Oh well, tho’ I’ll never know, I thought: perhaps this day was the gift. Yeah! I think I like that thought, a lot!

What gift/s did this day bring you?


7 thoughts on “sometimes mondays| 8.12.19 …

  1. I like that your gift of the day came with a gift bag to make you think! My gift has been getting all the ripe tomatoes cooked down and frozen; I’m glad that is done (for now, anyway)!


  2. I love your connection between the gift bag and the gift of a day. My gift on Monday was a trip to my local yarn store to buy yarn for a project for my sister’s birthday gift. I also was able to pop more tomatoes into the freezer. Winter soups are going to be plentiful.


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