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I am ready to begin the 8th square on my log cabin quilt… when it’s done, I will have one more square to knit and then, start the process all over again!

I spent the most of this morning looking for needlepoint yarn for a tiny angel canvas I started centuries ago ! I didn’t find the color yarn I wanted but I did find a whole bunch of other angel canvases to needlepoint…who knows how long they’ve been in the queue?

Both audible and print TBRs continue to grow… everyday, I read a few more chapters in most. When I logged on to write this post, a notice from the public library in email:  a reserve is in…so, I’m out the door for my walk and to pick it up.

Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday |8.28.19 …

  1. You must be happy to be nearly finished with your log cabin squares — so you can see how they look all together! I just got a library notice myself . . . time to get myself over to the library!


  2. Forward progress is always nice, with no unraveling! I wish I had a library notice in my email, but I seem to be stuck waiting in many very long queues for many books.


  3. Thanks to the library, I’ve finished two good novels this week: “The Dearly Beloved” (will be a top 5 book of the year for sure!) and Richard Russo’s new novel “Chances Are . . .” I actually have more reading time when Sarah and her family are here because I’d rather be downstairs with them after the kids go to bed than upstairs in my office! In fact, this has been the best month of reading so far this year. I’ve read some great non-fiction as well. Looking forward to seeing the quilt when you’re done.


  4. I picked up FIVE books today … sadly I had to drive to the library, but I did do a fine job of parallel parking and that made me smile 😉 … I have not had anything close to the satisfaction of your log cabin soon-to-finish … and I can’t wait to see more of yours!!


  5. Keep on knitting on that log cabin. Slow and steady makes a blanket. I sure like the color above. Always good to hear from the library too. Enjoy all the books.


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