weekending labor day style | 2019 …


Thursday had to be the perfect- it’s – almost-Fall day. The Thursday  Stitchers had lunch outside and just enjoyed the weather! Brunch:  margherita pizza and fresh watermelon. Yum!


I have an idea for rearranging the living room. Friday morning I went to IKEA to see if there are any furniture pieces – as in bookshelves and tables – that might fit the bill. I arrived early for their Swedish American breakfast (the restaurant opens 30 minutes before the showrooms). Seated at the window, I  looked up and saw a flock of Canadien Geese, yes – heading south. By the time I got my iPhone on, I was just able to catch the formation – upper left corner…

IMG_9735Saturday was the Library of Congress’  National Book Festival, held in the Washington Convention Center. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the star attraction – more than 4000 people were in the audience for her segment – some having arrived at 4 a.m to get in line. I opted to watch on TV – at home; best seat in the house. A quick google search will pull up the program, broadcast on C-span2/Book TV, if you want to see it. Later that morning,  I ran errands, finding myself away the balance of the afternoon. T’was a pleasant outing.

IMG_9740Sunday! Welcome September, Fall (meteorological)  and the September prompt  from Ali Edwards for one’s One Little Word. We spent the day relaxing – tho’ I did take a brisk walk. Otherwise, Norman watched TV;  I set up September calendar and plans.

IMG_9749Today, Monday! Labor Day! No work done around here. I toyed with the idea of cleaning out the refrigerator and mopping the kitchen floor but opted instead to take a leisurely walk to the coffee shop and treat myself to an iced caramel  almond milk decaf latté.

And that’s the way it was this Labor Day weekend… a wonderful way to greet the new season! What was the highlight of your weekend?



8 thoughts on “weekending labor day style | 2019 …

  1. Sounds like a great holiday weekend to me! Ours was a bit busier. We spent Saturday at the zoo with all of our grandchildren–a once-a-year treat! Then out to dinner on the bay—a beautiful evening. Sarah and Adam headed back to Wisconsin yesterday, and we cleaned up and organized for our trip. I tutored my wonderful so-to-be seventh grader for a couple of hours this afternoon, but most of the day has been packing and preparing for our trip. Due at the airport at 5:30 am tomorrow morning!


  2. What a wonderful weekend you had! I baked – lots! and also cleaned out the vegetable garden a bit… still so much more to do yet!

    And, I have been thinking all weekend about how to re-invigorate my blog!


  3. That is a beautiful deck with all those coleus and potted plants, love the geese you caught midflight, and it sure looks like fall in your neighbor hood with all those leaves! Happy Weekend and Happy Fall!


  4. What a fabulous weekend (love that deck shot too). Thanks for the link to the book festival. Our weekend seemed perfect to me – a little of this and a little of that and much relaxing!


  5. The pots lined up on the deck look like they are celebrating the last of summer. Such vibrant colors. Our weekend was fairly quiet although our son was home to visit friends. He was in and out but it was good to visit with him. I cast on two new projects and drank several decaf lattes. I also walked a couple of times. Thanks for the info on RGB. I’m off to look up her talk. She is one remarkable woman!


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