unraveled wednesday | 9.4.19 …



The holiday weekend ushered in a finish with the pink yarn block of the log cabin lap robe and introduction of the green; the last color will be the blue, also shown…and then ?  That’s to be determined.

I seem to be at a crossroads with whatever I pick up to read these days. I’ve a pile of books in various stages – but nothing’s truly grabbed me … so I dip into this, that, an oldie tho’ not necessarily a goodie, etc. I’m hosting our bi-monthly recent reads gathering next Tues; guess it would be good if the hostess had a title or two to share… Hmm, I wonder what it will be ‽

Yesterday was Chris’ first day of school – he’s now a full fledged kindergartner. Chris wanted to take the school bus last year but mom said when he was in kindergarten; the day finally arrived. Drum roll please, he was promoted to junior safety guard (whatever that is!).  The photo below was taken when Chris arrived home. Elias was delighted when the school bus brought Chris home – he missed his big brother, a lot!


Joining Kat and friends for another week of unraveled wednesday.


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 9.4.19 …

  1. Your log cabin is progressing nicely (whatever color you use next!), and congratulations to Chris the kindergartner and jr. safety guard! How sweet to be welcomed home with that much affection!


  2. Those boys are just adorable! It is hard for the littler ones. Hannah threw a fit yesterday when she realized that she had to go back to day care instead of with Caleb to his new school! When we checked in with Caleb last night, she had fully recovered. This is his third new school in as many years, and he’s handled it beautifully. He seems to have loved his first day there.


  3. Oh, those little boys! How can they be this old already???? Thanks for sharing the most adorable back-to-school picture. I love being able to watch your sweet boys grow up. XO (That smile on Elias’ face? The best!)


  4. Look at how much Elias has grown!!! But his smile remains the best over. He and Chris are just the sweetest (though I’m sure they would prefer being called something else – lol). Your log cabin is gorgeous. Maybe some more yellow??


  5. That is a darling photo of those boys. Such joy in their interaction. I always think the first day of school is such a milestone. Suddenly it means the kids really are another year older.


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