unraveled wednesday | 9.11.19 …


memories of  9/11/2001 – that fateful day and following weeks, 18 years ago, are still vivid in my mind and probably exacerbated by the the fact that I live in the Nation’s capital … I need not say more. I caught a bit of an interview with a woman whose husband was a New York firefighter. She and her children – now grown – have put their lives back together and I so appreciate their strength.

my days, thus far, this week have been quite full:

monday, our quilting association reconvened for the start of another year. I didn’t go to any meetings over the summer but I did reappear Monday. I am glad I did for on display, during the show and tell was a lovely quilt made by a member…I do not need another quilt pattern to add to my someday/maybe ever growing never getting smaller list of projects… but I have an idea that I want to try so I’m going to get the pattern and play… After the meeting, I went grocery shopping for on:

tuesday, I hosted our Recent Reads group. We missed the July gathering – yep! we were all looking forward to our September reunion. Our discussions and sharing of books we each had recently read was lively. Three of us have read Where the Crawdads Sing and agreed that it is beautifully written…we decided to say no more until our 4th reader has read the book. We meet again in November.  I added to my TBR list A Gentleman in Moscow. A friend had shared the book with me several years ago and it somehow fell off my radar so I thought I’d give it a try, finally. The third (top) title is new…the author teaches memoir writing and this is her memoir; I’ve not begun reading the book, yet – hoping tonight!

wednesday, today, I ran errands: credit union; post office to mail city taxes due this week and appointments with my eye doctor and physician to have forms completed  – some of the requirements re: the “Real ID”  driver’s license renewal process. Not on my agenda but on my physician’s: flu and pneumonia shots for me – one in each arm. So far, neither has been painful.

I have run out of steam  – unraveled?– all week and was determined today to post… Joining Kat and friends for another round.




8 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 9.11.19 …

  1. I just love the return of the fall schedule! It really might be the best thing of the whole year! (and A Gentleman in Moscow might be one of my all time favorite books ever!)


  2. I want to read Crawdads but the library is is 1800 holds. Gentleman in Moscow is also on my list and everyone I know had lived it. That memoir is catching my eye too. That’s for helping me grow my TBR list!


  3. I loved A Gentleman in Moscow – such a good read. I am in the minority on Crawdads…I was under-whelmed by the book. I thought it was ok, but not great. Fletch and I are reading Tom Sawyer out loud after dinner and we are laughing out loud in places. Sounds like your week has been uber-busy. Hope you can find some time to relax!


  4. A big YES to Gentleman in Moscow (and Katie just finished it and wholeheartedly agreed with my 5-star review – I’ve read it twice and gave it that rating both times)!! I’m still searching for my 5-star fiction book this year 🙂 I hope you enjoyed some rest today … I sat on my tush a good bit and knitted (and tried to “settle”).


  5. You and Allison both got your flu shots. I need to schedule ours. We like to get them early. You have been busy Honore!! Running errands can wear me out . Working on my father’s gift book for his birthday, of his cabin of years ago…WORE ME OUT. But I got it done and he should have it tomorrow. I think our usual gatherings for book club, knit club, etc all tend to lessen in the summertime. That’ s Ok! You’ve all started up again. !!


  6. Sounds as if you had a busy few days but gathering with friends is always a good idea. I met with my book group on Friday evening and we had a spirited discussion about Lab Girl. I am off to look for A Life in Stitches. I really enjoyed A Gentleman in Moscow.


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