a friday finish …


thankful for today’s temperature cool down, especially after yesterday’s 98°+ high …

gathering my thoughts, to do items, ideas, etc  written on any available piece of paper over the summer, trying to make sense, rhyme, reason of them, with them, from me for me. I am not a lister, I am a jotter-downer. The problem I experience: disorganization and a lot of duplication… a habit I am working on breaking. A couple years ago I discovered:  interstitial journalingSort of a running time log/list of things done, to do and ideas and information coming one’s way. I have toyed with it from time to time. I think I’ll give it another go-round over the rest of the month and see what I learn, how I do. Perhaps it’ll be the key to creating the new habit…

intrigued by the idea of a new beginning…every day … looking forward to summer’s

farewell and autumn’s arrival in just ten days.

Have a pleasant weekend.





6 thoughts on “a friday finish …

  1. Today was delightfully cool after yesterday’s sweltering, and I even welcomed the dreary drizzle. Just ten more days before fall is officially here! Wishing you a delightful weekend.


  2. still waiting for that cool down and honestly getting tired of thinking/talking about it, but yikes! it’s mid-September and 100 degrees!!! (really, my car registered that when I was driving home today). Good luck with the gathering. I am not at all a random list maker – I write things down in my journal and that’s about it. I’m sure that means I lose things, but maybe that’s ok! Happy Weekend!!


  3. This heat has really worn out its welcome and I am very excited for the arrival of autumn! My “impulse” lists have improved since you shared the Rhodia mouse pad/paper with me! I can jot things down and move them to either my journal or to a list. Have a great weekend!


  4. Hope your weekend was delightful and that your temps cooled. It was nice here. I’m not a list maker at all, nor a journalist, so that whole interstitial stuff just looks like a whole lot of extra work to me. But…if it works for you, that’s what counts! Have at it!!


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