unraveled wednesday | 9.18.19 …

  • Two Things on my Bucket List


  • No less than 12+ years ago, attending a library pre-conference, I took a class on paper making. I enjoyed the class and promptly added to my bucket listtake more classes.  Fast-forward to yesterday, 9/17/19: Sorting through old family photos, I ran across the paper and booklet I made plus
    • not only  a photo of me making the paper,
    • but also an article in the March 2015 Washingtonian: The Great Washingtonian Bucket List: 50 Things Every Local Needs to Do!  Some of the items on the list I’ve done, some I know I never will, e.g., “ride through Rock Creek Park on horseback!”
    • There is one thing not on that list but is still on mine: take more paper-making  classes. And that jogged my memory: less than 5 miles away there is a book-making center that offers classes on making paper! Can’t get better than that, agreed?


This is a picture of a “Wonky Star” quilt block – I have 60+ – each a variation on the theme – that have been on my bucket list for way too long! I needed unifying fabric/s and finally found two pieces that I think will work. The multi-color stripes at the top will be the backing + binding. The other fabric( in between the block and the stripe) will be used as sashing: strips I will attach to all four sides of the blocks and then, sew the blocks together.

And with that I shall hit publish so I can proceed with stitching and also, take advantage  of today’s glorious weather, later, by treating myself to a sit-out at Zeke’s this afternoon, enjoying a pumpkin spiced latté  (I hope they have pumpkin spice) with A Gentleman in Moscow.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.



11 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 9.18.19 …

  1. You’ve found the perfect backing, binding, and sashing fabrics, and that is saying something. I think it might be harder to sew wonky stars on purpose than not, but either way I hope to see that wonky star quilt when you’re done. Enjoy your lovely afternoon!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed A Gentlemen in Moscow! Hope you are, too. And I fell in love with that striped fabric as soon a I saw it in your photo. Excellent choices!


  3. The quilt is going to be beautiful. I love the bright colors. I have done a little book making and enjoyed it. This post reminds me to get back to it. I have never made paper though if there was a class nearby I’d be sorely tempted. I really enjoyed A Gentleman from Moscow. Combined with a latte it would be about perfect. I found a good coffee shop within walking distance and I thought of you and how you walk to Zeke’s.


  4. I love how enthusiastic you are about all the things! You highlight for me that I am working to make a smaller frame … and that I need to be sure I’m doing that to focus, not to limit.


  5. Your fabrics all look so pretty together and play so well together! Love the cheerfulness of it all. And wonky stars – I bet they are difficult to create on purpose (but if I wanted perfect ones you can bet they’d all be wonky!). Paper making sounds like such a fun thing to do! I hope you take the class and share lots of pics! Hope your afternoon was lovey. Gentleman is such a good book!


  6. I’ve never taken a paper making class before — but it sounds like great fun! I think classes and workshops are a wonderful way to step out and try new things and get those creative juices flowing. Love your quilt squares and fabrics! A Gentleman in Moscow is such a great book — I hope you’re enjoying it. OX


  7. Catching up (finally) with blog reading. The quilt square is beautiful! I used to collect handmade papers. I still have a small stash of them, and this reminds me that I should figure out a way to use them.


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