simply a moment | 10.15.19 …

10:15 am ~ this tree slowly changing colors and losing leaves

Moments come and moments go. As I sit here, this morning, waiting for a service call,  I

  • See the cat* jump on the deck bannister. “Meow! I’m here for breakfast. Please tell Norman. Thanks! “I did … 
  • Hear the doorbell: “Ding. Dong.” Ah yes, everything happens at once. We’re getting a new outer front door; the installer – here to take measurements – has arrived …
  • Resume watching a YouTube video of a new planner system I’m considering…as if I need such but, but…there are only ten/10/TEN weeks left in 2019 and 2020 is a new decade and I might like the one/s I’m considering …
  • Realize Fall has definitely arrived… today is sunny and cool with just a high of 73° forecast and the leaves of this tree are beginning to turn and/or waft gently to the ground…soon, I will look out the window and this tree will be bare; already I see more and more blue sky…
  • Note the clock, time to finish off this post and get ready a doctor’s appointment.

Moments come and moments go …


Last month I invited you to take a few moments on the 15th of the month and share, if you did, in a blog post. I fully intended to set up  InLinkz and did look at the site; I found the directions – or perhaps my understanding – lacking and didn’t get back to them before today…so, I invite you, if you did/do write a simply a moment post to share in this post’s comments.

*The cat is a feral cat who has been around since Fall 2008; I truly think she has a real home and is an excellent imposter.

8 thoughts on “simply a moment | 10.15.19 …

  1. I haven’t read your posts for quite a while now. My husband of nearly 50 years died on May 19th. I’ve been in a fog of sorts. I’m finally starting to come out of it. Your words about 2020 starting a new decade struck me like a wake up call. “What do I plan to do with my wild and precious life?” Your words came just when I needed them. Thank you.


  2. Simply a moment . . . watching some storm clouds roll in this morning, making it even darker on an already-dark morning . . . but also making my neighbor’s trees glow a bit more golden! XO


  3. Simply a moment….listening to Sherman’s gentle snoring, sipping some hot coffee, curious about what new planner system video you are watching, savoring the sound of the rain on the roof.

    I love these posts!


  4. Simply a moment … I was driving to church for a meeting. Looking forward to catching up with a friend I hadn’t spent time with since July and proud of myself for allowing enough time to arrive “on time” 🙂 (curious about the planner system you’re considering … do share!)


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