unraveled wednesday | 1.15.20 …


Yesterday – Tuesday – was our bi-monthly Recent Reads gathering. My friend Margaret who is a fan of contemporary poets/poetry introduced us to the newest Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo, shown above. Joy, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, is the Nation’s first Native American Poet Laureate. She is also a saxophonist ( and for that alone, she wins points from Norman, who plays/ed the sax). I’m looking forward to delving into her poetry and listening to her music.

I started Fever (reading the Kindle version) and  finding the book fascinating – it reads less like fiction than I expected. I was particularly surprised that I adapted to the e-version so readily. I actually prefer print on paper… For my ears, I’ve downloaded  Louise Penny’s 6th Inspector Gamache novel:  Bury Your Dead for my next walking companion (not tomorrow, tho’; forecast is for high winds, sleet, snow? Time will tell).

The hat is finished! I have left over yarn; I think I’ll add it to the Log Cabin/9 Patch  (LC9P) when I get to the smaller blocks. The LC9P and the Christmas stocking are next on the knitting list. Every stitch moves me closer to the finish line – 5 knitting projects to complete in 2020.

And that just about wraps up Unraveled Wednesday for me this week. Hop over to Kat’s blog to see what others are unraveling.


(Photo of Joy Harjo featured in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Winter 2019 , p 24.)




13 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 1.15.20 …

  1. I have the ebook for Fever too. I am using my kindle a lot more these days because I can access my books on my phone or my iPad for those in between moments. Paper books are heavy in my already too heavy bag.


  2. Hadn’t realized that the Poet also plays the Sax! That’s so cool – will need to look for some of her music – wonder if she is on Spotify?? I’m enjoying Fever (hard/real book version). So interesting, but I need to go to bed earlier or stay awake longer to read more. The hat is so bright and cheerful – love it!


  3. I think that yarn will go very well in your LC9P! And, go you! I have yet to start Fever – I have a library book due in a few days that I’d like to finish first!


  4. Your hat looks great. I love the bright colors. I agree with Kat. The leftovers will go well in your blanket. I have had my eye on this latest? book by Harjo. She is a talented poet. Stay warm and have a good week.


  5. Delicious colours in your hat … Thank-you for the intro to a poet new to me and I will be sure to look her up. I really love the sound of the saxaphone! Does Norman still play much? How lucky you are to be able to hear it live in your own home!


  6. Oh Honore. Let me know how Readable the poems are. Sometimes I Dont get the point and get frustrated, Hence my sticking to the obvious: Frost, Mary Oliver….etc. I have a Native American Poetry book that AL gave me. I lll take another look and tell you the title. 🙂 LOVE YOUR HAT


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