“loof lirpa”

Welcome April!  Joining Kat and friends for today’s Unraveled Wednesday gathering!

… Have you played or had any jokes played on you on this April Fool’s day? In these parts, the morning’s been quiet and grey, tho’ there’s a hint of sunshine as I pen this post. Normally, my morning is quiet – only the normal sounds of the ‘frig, an occasional bird tweet or ambulance siren and the ding of morning txts. Today, Norman arrived in the Great Room singing “Fools Rush In.” Dare I say more?

On the subject of singing, one of my stitching friends shared this YouTube video…not quite the opera but fun:

and on the subject of videos, I share this one:


Over the past few days, I’ve also been a) watching a few “how-to” videos on making face masks and b) drifting in/out of books – not sure what I want to read – whether audio or print.  A couple months ago, I bought Melanie Falick’s Making A Life; I’m finding it too heavy, weight-wise to get into…but I shall persevere. I think I just need a good old fashioned in person visit to the bookstore and library!

The morning moves on and soon it will be afternoon. Norman’s retired to his “man cave” and computer and all’s quiet again. As soon as I hit publish, today’s top 3 agenda items will be done. Ahhh! Now, I shall resume MSQT …

~the azalea bush’s first bloom~


12 thoughts on ““loof lirpa”

  1. Oh that azalea bud!!! Lovely. No jokes here. Just a very busy work morning – busier than I have been in weeks! Go figure. The sun is out and I’d love to take a walk, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen today….


  2. We are truly Fools as today is our ‘blind date’ Anniversary; 37 years, oh my!
    We took our trikes to the paved trail with friends, it was gorgeous weather, cool and sunny today. I got so excited at the bridge to jump up off my trike and take a photo…. I caught my foot under the front bar and it twisted under. I didn’t cry but it was close! It’s not broken but twisted. I kept peddling but now we’re home with my leg up and ice on foot. I did get a good pix though! Loved the Marsh Family!


  3. April Fool!! (no jokes here … somber tones … which feels appropriate) The azaleas here are full-on lovely and thank you for the reminder to take a photo!


  4. Oh for a good browse in a bookstore. We will surely appreciate it when we can do that again. I downloaded a pdf pattern to make a mask and my plan is to stitch a few before the weekend. – Not that we are going anywhere but I think I’d feel better wearing one at the senior shopping hour at the grocery store. I’d love to have heard Norman singing “Fools Rush In.” I like a guy with a sense of humor.


  5. I’d say if any day should be free from tricks, this year’s April Fool’s Day was it! I saw the Marsh family video and watched it with my daughter, who doesn’t know anything about Les Mis, and yet we both really enjoyed it.


  6. Happy April, Honoré! I’m not much a fan of practical jokes, so no April fools “fun” here. 🙂 I saw the Marsh family video yesterday and just loved it! (Shared it with my kids — who grew up in our Les-Mis-loving-house.) Love the bloom! XO


  7. Hello to a new month. No jokes here but I did put three of my daughter’s Goofy dolls in a window that faces the street. I read that people are putting bears in their windows so children can go on a bear hunt. The Goofy dolls range from 12” to 36” so it might be a fun diversion.


  8. That video is the best, especially the dad’s line about letting them run amuck! I long for an open library full of patrons.


  9. My daughter and I have just watched the Les Mis video – wonderful! Your azalea bud is so pretty and hopeful, and I like the robustness of it: it looks sturdy and in these fragile times that cheers me up :). Glad you and Norman are doing OK, with a sense of humour intact!


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