tgif |4.3.20…

~social distancing @ Whole Foods~

t: tired this morning. Hangover from yesterday when we were up and out of the house at 6:30 am to grocery shop …we were pleasantly surprised to find the produce, dairy, bread sections and meat cases well stocked; not so: frozen veggies/fruits and canned beans/tomato goods.

g: grateful for a good night’s rest, a quiet morning, sunny skies, and a chance to reclaim my depleted energies. Even tho’ I am an early bird, the out of the house early morning venture took its toll later that evening: I realized that I dozed through much of an evening Zoom scrapbooking crop. C’est la vie!

i: inspired tho’ perhaps a bit sad – today was the last session for this season’s Journal Club. Jamie always has a great closing planned; I looked forward to whatever surprise she had in store to carry us through the break ( 8 weeks?) before we reconvene. I was not disappointed.

f: finding renewed energy on this bright sunshine-filled-tho’-a-tad-windy-day. Our season of Journal Club ended with a spirited dance and reconnection to our animal spirit guide: Turtle. And so, in honor of Journal Club and National Poetry Month, I share this stanza from Dr. Seuss: 

And the turtles, of course all the turtles are free, as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be. *    

Have a great weekend.


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9 thoughts on “tgif |4.3.20…

  1. zero-dark-thirty is one thing in your house with a nice steaming cuppa… but going out is not the same at all. I hear you on the exhaustion! Stay well and be safe! (and I hope you don’t need to make more trips to the store this weekend!)


  2. When we venture out to the grocery store, we try to be there when it opens. There are a lot less people. Wegmans is no longer open 24/7, but opens at 7:00. The downside is the fish counter has not been filled and the pharmacy is closed. I never know exactly what we’ll find, but the last two trips have provided us with enough that I don’t think we’ll need to go until the end of next week.


  3. I agree with Kat – there’s a big difference between getting up early (which I like) and getting up early and going OUT (which I loathe). Here’s to sunshine and no wind!


  4. Being out and about at 6:30 means actually getting up and prepared for it much earlier, so I’m not surprised that you were tired! Personally I’m finding I need a little snooze just about every day now, even if I’m not doing much physically — it’s an emotionally tiring time!


  5. Hoping you have recovered a bit of energy – that was a very early start indeed. I find sourcing food, getting stuff delivered, doing all the additional hygiene (disinfectant/sterilising etc) wearying. Sunshine is delightful, wind less so – hoping your weekend is calmer …


  6. I’m glad you ventured forth … and home. and are settled there for the time being! LOVED the turtle quotations. and agree. sunshine is the best these days! (please remind me that when we are stuck inside all day come June, with only air conditioning for comfort!)


  7. I like going out early to shop now because I just get dressed in yoga pants and pull on a hat. I don’t see anyone I know and I can still be at my “desk” by 8 am. Now my husband would not be able to do this but now that we are solo shopping it works. Maybe during the journal club hiatus we can have a journal chat


  8. The draw of the blue skies and sunshine are so tempting when I’m supposed to be working. Glad you were able to venture out-it is weird seeing what’s sold out and what is not. Happy Monday.


  9. Oh Dr. Seuss – has a lot of wisdom for us and his humor is welcome these days. I’ll have to get some of those old favorites out. I am going to venture out in the early morning for groceries. I am with you – this early a.m. shopping tires me out too. It is odd to go into the store and see certain things sold out. I do think the supply is catching up with demand here. I was able to buy toilet paper last week – Hallelujah. I haven’t seen any hand sanitizer though. So far ours is holding out and there is always good old soap and water.


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