sometimes mondays | 4.6.20 …

(face mask I field tested yesterday; the pink confetti-like fabric was the backside)

Eerily quiet. More like a holiday. Very little traffic. Thankful for the sunshine and blue skies, our continuing health. Ding! Ding! Ding! Family and Friends’ morning check-ins … Thinking about today’s/this week’s agenda:

  1. Write blog post: Status: Done!
  2. Make face masks: Status: in progress. I made this one yesterday and took it for a test walk. It’s two layers interfaced with very lightweight Pellon and the tie is made from a cotton/polyester blend of clothesline. Here’s the link to YouTube video  I followed; there are hundreds available…
  3. Get ready for #the100DayProject: Status : Begins tomorrow and I’ve to whittle my list, for as usual, I have a tad more than any reasonable – ah, therein lies the rub- person could reasonably handle, despite being homebound. This year I plan to tackle some bucket list projects that have been on the burner far too long… I’ll share details Wednesday… I also need to brush up my Instagram skills – don’t use very often and IG is an essential piece of #the100DayProject documentation. Ah! Better late than never.

For now,  I am out to enjoy the sunshine and take a walk on this lovely day. When I return, I’ll tally the monthly expenses – I’m off schedule (the 3rd of the month slipped by) and make a face mask or two.

How is your week shaping up?


14 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 4.6.20 …

  1. My week will include laundry, yard work, taxes, sourdough baking, and mask making. Love your mask fabrics and looking forward to hearing about your 100DayProject details!


  2. Pretty fabrics for your masks! Fletch found some masks in our basement from days when he was working with “stuff” that had bad fumes. They have been soaked, washed and are hanging in the bathroom to dry. Work got a tad busy last week and that trend is continuing so far this week. That’s ok – I’m thankful and grateful to be employed. The sun is out. I misssed walking today…maybe tomorrow…


  3. I did some yard work today and that felt good! I am raring to go tomorrow for 100 day’s of art stitching! (and I am working on some face masks!)


  4. Face masks, #The100DayProject AND a new season of Book Bingo (details on the blog today!) … also a little knitting 😉


  5. I worked on masks this weekend. The third time was the charm. I finally gave up on the patterns and made one from two rectangles – 6 x 9 inches. I’m set for tomorrow’s grocery shopping.


  6. That mask is the most elegant one I’ve seen. I gave away all my fabric during a big purge a couple of years ago. Fortunately, a friend sent us two masks she had made. Although I’ve done the #100DayProject at least once (twice?), I decided it was more pressure than I wanted this time around. I’ll have fun watching yours!


  7. I think I may join in on the 100 day project for the first time — because who knows how long we’ll be home and I might as well make something pretty! Other than that, the week looks much the same as the past few, though Passover is this week and we’ll be doing virtual seders, which should be interesting!


  8. All my days look pretty much the same these days! It took me a while to settle on a mask pattern — there are just so many options out there. Be well, Honoré.


  9. The masks have been a fun experiment here. I made a few for myself and my mom out of “fun” fabric. My hubby is kinda of a plain jane so his was a bit more challenging. Despite confinement I have been able to soak in a lot of sunshine too.


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