unraveled wednesday | 4.8.20…


In 2010, my niece Chris – we’re calling her Marie these days to differentiate from nephew Chris – graduated from high school. I made her a quilt( out of the fabric in the photo* ) to take to college. I always liked that fabric and I found a few leftover pieces when I was rooting around for fabric to make Covid-19 masks. Today,  using a piece of the fabric, I made a mask – for me!

I chose the fabric because I think it exemplifies what I’m aiming to do during “the100dayproject,” make life simple – or at least simpler for me. To that end, knowing my penchant to be wooed by bright shiny objects, my project is to spend at least 15 minutes a day focusing on at least one of the PiPs (projects in progress – or not):

  • Covid-19 face masks…
  • two quilting projects that have June completion dates …
  • five knitting projects “found” in my stash awaiting my attention…
  • photos and/or watercolor pencil renditions of the sky, clouds and trees…
  • scrapbook layouts – especially for May’s LOAD (Layout A Day ) challenge.

I’m ready to roll.


*I think I also used some in Kayla’s graduation quilt…

13 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 4.8.20…

  1. I like your idea to simplify and work on projects in progress. I often tell myself when my kids have to clean out all my craft supplies they will say, “Well she had a lot of ideas. ” I finally figured out a mask and sewed one for myself. I wore it to early shopping at Trader Joe’s this morning and decided it is the way I will make them. Now to make at least one more for me and two for my hubby. I think I’ll follow your lead and choose some fun fabric. Might as well smile when i put them on.


  2. I like the way you are approaching the 100 day project, you’ve got enough variety there to keep you engaged and interested!


  3. I like your approach! I can see any too-specific project getting a bit monotonous after a few days, so this should give you some variety but still keep you focused. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


  4. I do love that fabric … and your 100-day project approach. It’s kind of amazing how much progress those 15 minutes can add up to 🙂


  5. Such great fabric! It’s perfect for a college-quilt — and maybe even more perfect for a face mask worn during a global pandemic. XO


  6. That is just awesome fabric! My heart is just singing for this 100 Day Project – I obviously needed some stitching in my life!


  7. “Simplify” was one of my best OLW picks, and what I accomplished in the two years I chose it have pretty well stuck with me. “Mindful” was the other word that ended up being transformative, and so far “Commit,” my 2020 word is proving to be a great choice. As I know you’ve seen on Instagram, I changed my mind about #The100DayProject, so that will certainly help keep me occupied no matter how long this stay-at-home order remains in place.


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