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2020-03-19 Things I can and Cannot Control

As mentioned previously several times, every (most) morning/s, I read the day’s Simple Abundance essay. I have done this off/on since the publication of the first edition in 1995. Each reread has brought forth a new perspective, tempered by the times and places I’m in at that particular juncture in my life. In 2019, Simple Abundance marked its 25th anniversary with a new and updated edition… and as I read, little nuances, references have substantiated the claim. Yesterday’s entry Affordable Luxury encourages us to experience more affluence in our daily lives through pampering…

What an invitation! I thought about how I’d like to pamper me but cannot due to the corona virus and social distancing. Here’s my list :

  1. Spend the entire day pampering me! First, I’d go to the hairdresser! I need a hair cut and the luxury of having my hair shampooed and styled. My many grey strands are wiry – each has a mind of its own and needs a bit o’ taming… I also need a manicure/pedicure … maybe even a body massage…
  2. Go to several bookstores! There are two Indie stores in DC -new to me -that I’d particularly like to visit, spend the day and browse, have a caramel latte, sit with my journal, people watch, dip in/out of the pile of books before me…
  3. Go to the Smithsonian’s National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden /Restaurant, have lunch out on the restaurant’s terrace. Just sit, with my journal, people watch and be grateful… always, grateful.

As I’ve sat here, drafting this post, the rain has stopped and there’s a hint that the sun is coming out… an omen? What’s on your pampering list?

Joining Carol for Three on Thursday.


PS. For more information on the above graphic, do visit  The Counseling Teacher.com where you’ll also find an editable version of the graphic.

14 thoughts on “3 on thursday|4.9.20 …

  1. Your pampering list makes me feel a bit pampered just by reading it. I would go to a bookstore and browse all afternoon, go to our favorite restaurant for a simple dinner out, and then I would get on a plane and visit Ryan in CO!


  2. I feel calmer just having read the ways you’d like to pamper yourself. Your list sounds perfect to me! I’d also like to go to the salon for a cut and blowdry, and a mani/pedi would be great right now.


  3. What a fantastic resource, that foxy graphic. Awesome + Thank you! And what a great exercise that list is…


  4. That’s a great list! I’m not sure I want to think about it right now, it all seems so unattainable. Maybe I’ll try and think of a list of things I can do to pamper myself at home.


  5. Your day sounds perfect! I hope you get to have it soon 🙂

    And I love your graphic – it’s important to remember that we can’t control others!!


  6. A haircut, manicure and pedicure, and a massage would all be top on my list! Right behind it, lunch out with a friend. I had several such events on my calendar. I commented yesterday that one of the hardest things about the pandemic is that all the things we had planned—two big trips, theater tickets, local trips, vacation with family, social events with friends, time with family—have all been cancelled. One thing I’ve always enjoyed is the anticipation of these events. Right now everything is the same—gratefully we are safe, well-fed, and busy with our hobbies. But anticipation is definitely not in the cards!


  7. OH I LOVE THE GRAPHIC AND YOUR LIST. I have purchased fake nails on line and because I am not at the barn right now I can keep them ON. They are a decadent treat for me. They are made by IMPRESS and they work . They really stick on. My roots are ridiculous but as Lori Lightfoot says, You don’t have to touch up your roots right now. A group of nurses (retired) meet on the computer on thursdays. One of the wisest among us, says her new motto is:
    what would LORI do? We adore her and Lori


  8. What a super graphic to remind us … and your list of lovely things to do seems a bit like a distant dream. I’d be with you on the bookshop and a café. I might throw in the luxury of being able to go for a walk more than once a day. Such a little thing but I find it a real privation.


  9. I love that graphic. Um – yes I have my pampering list – a haircut, a massage, a really good latte in a coffee shop, and a visit to a local yarn shop to just browse. I sure would like to get on a plane and go see my kids.


  10. Hope you are well Honore. In finding things to do at home, I am updating my computer, I have added you to my bookmarks page. My daily dose of happy!


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