unraveled wednesday |4.15.20 …


As I sat at the table this morning, sipping tea and staring out the windows (my usual MSQT habit)  I had a thought  about today’s post… needless to say, I didn’t write it down and like the ever changing clouds in the sky, I lost it… try as I might, I can’t even think of the subject… I did, however, pen a(n) Haiku:

“Sipping tea, watching

Robins find a worm or two

Quiet day ahead”

If you’ve been following my Instagram: @honorel – yeah, I know, not my forte but still I learn! – I started the #the100dayproject with no specific project in mind but instead, a bunch of tiny creative ones I want more of in my life. Writing haiku and practicing doodling have been on my list a while – mainly because I drifted away from this morning practice.  Today, I returned and it felt good to be back .


This is my card for 2020 Book Bingo. Why it’s one-half I know not… but so be it. I have a title or two in mind to get the reading going…just need to get the books. Have you begun, yet?

Joining Kat and friends for unraveled wednesday…



12 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday |4.15.20 …

  1. Well, Honore, I have a yarn/knit BINGO card going. Somewhat the same!!! I love non fiction. Loved: Death in the Grand Canyon, Orphan Grief , and LOST in the Boundary Waters. I love you haiku:

    Here’s one
    COVID keeps me home
    I love to be home anyway
    But I miss my Friends.


  2. Your haiku, as always, is lovely. I’m working on The Unread Shelf Project which also has a BINGO card going. I’m within a day or two of completing a row, and turning it in—five books read from the unread shelf. I enjoyed them all. Then I can start the new Eric Larson book that’s been laying on the coffee table for several weeks, waiting for me.


  3. You have some good categories on that partial card! I have some of the same categories on my card, so I’m looking forward to seeing what books you choose. One of the things I love about book bingo is seeing what other people read and getting great inspiration!


  4. I LOVE this image, great APP! Excellent Haiku…I haven’t practiced in a while. Book bingo looks interesting. I reserved (for May) the book noted in the #the100dayproject email today by Sasha Sagan!
    Vugs! ❤


  5. I love the image! And I also love watching the robins! 🙂 I say it’s your bingo card, your rules – so if you are going with a half a card, good for you! 🙂


  6. Honore…you are an inspiration. I must get back to poetry. Love the little Boynton quote! I looked up the bingo card and bookmarked one…good inspiration. I just finished rereading The Great Gatsby, The Poisonwood Bible which had been on my to read shelf for a long time, The Art Of Noticing (an audiobook, I think you would enjoy) and currently listening to The Dutch House (narrated by Tom Hanks, love it), also just finished the audio books Where the Crawdads sing. Just looked up the Modern Mrs. Darcy site, so awesome for book lovers. I always learn so much from you. Cheers.


  7. I pretty much always spend at least an hour or two on “creative” things each day and I am loving the progress I see when I focus even 30 minutes in one place! LOVE our card. I am very much looking forward to MMD Summer Reading Guide this year … and maybe my NEXT Bingo Card will feature that square 🙂


  8. Chuckling at the sentiment about projects on your (?) wooden block … You sound uplifted to be back drawing again, and your robin has a perky sweetness that is very cute. I seem to be reading so little that I cannot ever envisage myself doing a bingo card of books, so am very admiring of your energy for it.


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