3 on thursday | 4.16.20…

I’m joining Carole and friends and sharing three random thoughts:


  1. This watercolor is based on the colors of a recent morning sky & sunrise (I neglected to date the painting made with watercolor pencils and a watercolor brush pen. Just a little bit of experimenting and play.


2. I’ve had these two LLBean 100% cotton work shirts for easily 10 years; I love them for knocking around and wear them year round -except when the temp and humidity are terrible – for they are both lightweight and warm. I tend to be cool rather than hot –except when the temp and humidity are terrible. Alas, as you can see, the collars are worn and I s’pose I could turn them … someday, maybe. The shirts remind me of a story my mother shared: when she was in her 20s, she saved her money and bought a fur coat …which she said she wore – over the years- down to the collar. I’m not sure what the fur was and why it didn’t last but I often smile when I think of her industriousness.


3. I read this article from MapMyWalk about walking/ways to get in 4K+ steps daily when one can’t always go out walking in the nature – as my niece Dolly would say when she was little and wanted to go outside.

And that’s all for today.


11 thoughts on “3 on thursday | 4.16.20…

  1. A few months ago I was wondering how I would make my well worn work clothes last until my retirement. Now I’m thinking I need some new stay at home clothes because the few I have are overly worn. A quality problem as they say.


  2. I have been trying to exercise every day (either going for a run or a long walk outside), but occasionally the weather doesn’t cooperate, so I’m trying to find more ways to get my steps in at home. So I’m off to check out your link to get some ideas!


  3. You have to love L.L. Bean and how their clothing lasts and lasts! I really need to start taking walks. I’ve certainly got the time these days.


  4. I have shirts like that that I just can’t bear to get rid of. I’ve been thinking of ways to prolong their life and I’m glad to see that you’ve also got well-worn and well-loved clothing. Your watercolor is lovely and watercolor pencils sound intriguing.


  5. Those shirts look super cozy. I have an ll bean fleece lined flannel that I wear all the time. It keeps me nice and warm. I keep debating if the cold weather is finished, and should it be moved to the attic. Not yet, snow forecast for tonight. Also, have a ll bean sweater my mom used to wear and that is definitely for comfort, virtual hugs. Stay walking, stay smiling.


  6. Tom has several shirts that he loves so much he wears them “down to the collar!” I love your well-worn shirts — and think they’d be a great palette for some visible mending. 🙂 Your watercolor is wonderful!


  7. Your watercolor is beautiful. Watercolor pencils – I’ve never heard of them but they sound like a treat. I have several “Life is Good” long sleeved tees that I have worn to the nubbins. I don’t mind the frayed collars and cuffs but the holes in the armpits are the deal breaker. I don’t think I can even wear them for yard work.


  8. I love those shirts!
    my three random:
    a deer could not have cared less as i drove down a country road today. She just stood there..and finally walked into the field..are my deer whistles not working?

    Im ready to cast on for my new shawl but IM getting too sleepy. Last night was restless

    I’m officially done in the deep woods. Ticks are apparently on the rise.


  9. oh, I LOVE Kat’s suggestion! I’m thinking a little satin and blanket stitches would give you at least another few seasons from both those shirts!


  10. Your shirts look very comfortable and much-loved. My Mum got years of additional life out of a favourite top by lining the inside of the collar with a toning piece of a silk scarf – it looked very stylish and she said the silk was warm or cool just as she needed it to be!


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