collecting march 2020 …


IMG_0329 (2)

Better late than never! I realized one day, a week or so ago, that I’d not posted my March photo collage.* As I reviewed my photos, I discovered that most – likely the result of social distancing ( e.g., photo 26) and Covid-19 –  are of nature. Most definitely thankful for Mother Nature, especially during these times.


*For whatever reason, I cannot remove the subtitle “collecting Fall 2019” from the collage…gonna try another technique for April. If anyone knows the trick for unchecking the tag, do let me know…online help N/A…


13 thoughts on “collecting march 2020 …

  1. Speaking of nature, this came to mind as I walked Molly this morning:

    Bird’s song greets the day
    Giving praise for creation
    Voicing hope for all

    Sent from my iPad
    Peace, Pat


  2. March seems like eons ago, but thank you for reminding us that it was just one month in the past and for capturing its loveliness.


  3. How nice to see Honoré popping up there in the middle of the month! Lots of lovely nature photos, which you do so well … Are you using a Photoshop template? If the box won’t uncheck, it’s possibly because the layer has been merged down when it was created. Can you create another layer above the current ones and simply make a little oblong box filled with the same background colour and move it into position to hide the offending lettering? Or use your clone tool to cover it with the same colour as the background? Happy to be emailed it that doesn’t make sense!


  4. Look at all that blue sky and all those beautiful blooms! Isn’t it nice that those are things we can still enjoy, even with social distancing?


  5. Thank goodness for Spring and for enjoying Outdoors, especially right now! and I know the answer to your Collect collage question. Going to send a separate email with screen shots…


  6. These pictures are so beautiful. It makes me happy just to look at them. Thank you Honore.
    I finished the audio book The Art of Noticing, which I really enjoyed. One thing he mentions is looking up. I see you already do that. It really does improve my outlook, and it makes for beautiful photos. Cheers!


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