unraveled wednesday | 4.22.20 …

I’m at the half-way point of the medium-sized Log Cabin/9Patch blocks. Progress is certainly swifter when the number of stitches per row is only 20 and the rows are garter coupled with taking a 4 PM TV break. At this rate, who knows, I may even have the entire knitted blanket done by autumn…no rush, of course.

On the reading front, I’m feeling as tho’ I’m between a rock and a hard place. Nothing’s quite captured my attention … tho’ I’ve been gathering possibilities for SAH Book Bingo 2020  for whenever social distancing guidelines/orders are lifted, I can get my “in the bookstore and library fix!” (We’re expecting at least another month here in the DMV area).


The weather was absolutely lovely today (rain is forecast for the next four days)  – an invitation to make the 14 blocks’ (each way) walk  to the Franciscan Monastery … alas, the outdoor sanctuary grounds were gated but the tulips were lovely…and the walk,  invigorating.

Joining Kat and friends for another week of unraveled wednesday .


10 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 4.22.20 …

  1. Those tulips are a delight. I’m glad you got to see them before they’re gone (as I said to my daughter the other day, I love tulips when they first bloom, but it makes me sad that they don’t stick around very long). I hope your weather continues to stay nice enough for a good walk most days. We’re headed into several straight days of rain and I’m already missing my outdoor time.


  2. The tulips are beautiful, such a great pop of color. I miss my library and Barnes and Noble…so much!!! Fortunately I had made it to the library 10 minutes before they had closed indefinitely. One of my last shopping trips was to Barnes and Noble, where I stocked up on puzzles, suduko, cookbooks, and books. Just finished The Dutch House on audio book from the library narrated by Tom Hanks. The book has a beautiful cover and it is first person narration, so it might work for your bingo.


  3. Our library re opened for drive up curb service; I am SO grateful! I picked up 7 books off my request list yesterday. I think you might like Sasha Sagan’s For small creatures such as we : rituals for finding meaning in our unlikely world /
    I haven’t started it yet but will keep you posted. I bought orange and yellowy tulips at the grocery store Tuesday and they are now opening their lovely faces. Your walk sounds lovely. And those colors for the blocks…rock! Big vugs ❤


  4. Great to see the tulips and hear mention of the Franciscan Monastery – I remember some lovely tranquil photos from earlier times :). Good work on the knitting – it must weigh quite a lot by the end.


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