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thinking: the week has passed by quite fast…where does the time go when you are homebound? our routine has definitely changed though we’re not going to bed or waking up any any earlier or later …yet, the day seems to pass really quickly…

gathering and organizing supplies and ideas and stories I want to tell for the upcoming session of LOAD – that’s making a scrapbook layout a day for the entire month of May – just one week away! The theme this year is The Beatles; ah the memories that should evoke…


in preparation, this month I’ve been making a small 3.5 x 5.5 pocket sized traveler’s notebook, documenting these days of Covid-19 and #the100dayproject2020… and

finally fun: the lead photo is of Chris, soon to celebrate his 6th birthday June 10. This morning, he lost his first tooth… a bit surprised, he cried – guess he didn’t know what to think – but as the picture shows, he’s all smiles after his mom explained what had happened … and that the tooth fairy was going to come. He’s holding his tooth in that rather large sized plastic bag.

And that’s the way it is this 17th week of 2020. Have a good weekend!


PS. A reminder: Tuesday, 28 April is the day/date we’ll share our one little word experiences.



13 thoughts on “tgif | 4.24.20 …

  1. Look at that sweet face! Maybe, since I’m not doing the 100 day project, I might try doing a page a day in some of my scrapbooks that desperately need attention. Thanks for the OLW reminder too.


  2. That photo is absolutely delightful! The tooth story reminds me of one my mother told about the first tooth I lost. I was at a neighbor’s and swallowed it eating a bologna sandwich. I guess I was really distraught, but of course, the tooth fairy did arrive after all.


  3. What a great little journal, you know it will be so valuable for documenting this time. And that’s a sweet photo of Chris! I hope the tooth fairy was good to him!


  4. Chris looks so proud! I love your COVID journal – what a great idea for documenting. And thanks for the reminders on OLW and LOAD. I’m going to try so much harder to participate in May!!


  5. What a sweet face! I understand Chris’ reaction. So many things that children experience are brand-new and they have no frame of reference, but I hope the tooth fairy is his friend now!


  6. I was wondering why he looked so excited to be holding a plastic bag, but that’s an excellent reason! Losing that first tooth is such a milestone — and also a bit sad for the adults, as it’s a very real indication that a child is growing up!


  7. That Chris makes me smile. A first tooth lost is a big milestone. And I look forward to your Beatles themed scrapbook pages. You are so right – they evoke a lot of memories.


  8. Joyful! That’s how I felt when I saw the picture of Chris. He is beaming, and what a cute story. I hope you are the family historian. Talenti is one of my favorites, but i am an ice cream lover at heart. Xo


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