spent …



this is what’s left of the tulips after nearly 10 days of brightening our table. today, tho’ spent, i find them quite beautiful, still…

the morning, in fact, the better part of today has also been spent at the table, with the tulips, watching an ever-changing sky:  one minute the sun shines, the next, grey clouds move in, out, around…

i’m thinking, i know, i should get a moveon, eat lunch and spend some time and my energy preparing tomorrow’s post and salvage what remains of this day … before it too is spent


9 thoughts on “spent …

  1. Spent tulips are always beautiful … one more reason to love tulips! I’m looking forward to spending some time on my OLW post tomorrow!


  2. That’s a lovely meditation on ‘spent’ in its various forms’ … Your tulips still have elegance and lovely colouring despite the odd wrinkle – would be wonderful if we could all do the same :).


  3. I have a small Trader Joe’s bouquet on my counter that also looks rather spent. Flowers, spent or not, do lift the spirits. I hope the tulips lifted yours.


  4. Even though the tulips are a little past their bloom, I love the shape of the stems and powdered papery texure of the petals.


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