simply a moment| 7.15.20 …



~wednesday 15 july 2020 | 7:15 am | 73°~

the scent of the lavendar candle permates the air, caresses my olfactory nerves. a squirrel travels across the FIOS wire, high, thick, truly a super highway – no delicate balancing required! my tea cools in my Morning Glory mug. birds fly high…I look out the deck door windows – flashes of traffic on RIA – tho’ still very quiet.

my first sip of tea, feels good in my mouth; soothes as it travels down my throat; I feel it land in my tummy, ever so softly. on comes the new A/C unit – yes it works and well it should, at ruinous cost. the noisy roar of the motor soon to be quieted, I am assured – the part is on its way. I wonder why the little things in life are so complicated…and sigh deeply. I think about the cost and tell myself, we’ve certanly done our part for the economy. the A/C rests … and quiet returns.

now, I hear the steady tick of the clock; earlier, the distant sound of a CSX train’s whistle. the sound of the refrigeratior reminds me I’ve yet to call about the freezer door – it doesn’t close tightly. perhaps the gasket needs replacing?  again, I sigh; the frig is 15 years old …planned obsolesence at work?

summer, fall, winter, spring; morning in, morning out, if at home, I’ve greeted the day at this table: my journal, pens, books, iPad, tea, a cool glass of water to refresh and recently, the fragrance of a lavender soy candle… capturing in words and photos my mornings, thoughts, prayers, hopes, memories, experiences  – the simple moments  of my life.


10 thoughts on “simply a moment| 7.15.20 …

  1. The simple pleasures of life are worth savoring and you lead the way. I am so glad you have a Morning Glory mug. I find the first cup of tea in the morning is the best one.


  2. That first cup of tea in the morning and the one late on a chilly evening ……pure indulgence.

    I was thinking similar thoughts about doing my part for the economy. We certainly have done our part this year AND last. None of it “fun” stuff, but stuff that must be fixed or replaced.


  3. I love this peek into a moment of your life, so beautifully captured.

    For what it’s worth, our last refrigerator lasted nine years, so 15 is pretty good!


  4. Thank you for sharing your moment, Honoré. You manage to make even everyday aggravating things like a noisy, ruinously expensive air conditioner and ill-fitting freezer door sound like poetry.


  5. What a beautiful moment, Honoré – I love the reflection of the window and the rhythm of your words (once you got past the A/C part 😉


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