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IMG_1227 During these next two weeks, Sept 7-18 , weekdays, I am joining Michele GD’s Just Five Things workshop. For approximately the past 10-11 hours on this, Labor Day, I have been laboring in the task of reviewing, sorting and sifting, notes I’ve written on sundry pieces of papers, trying to get my written life and lists organized … it would probably be easier/easiest if I just threw everything away… but I’m convinced there are gems among these scribbles as well as a long list of check marks = accomplishments! My mom always encouraged us to toot our own horns! And that’s what I decided to do – find those to do things I’ve indeed either done or decided I wasn’t going to do! So I can toot my own horn! These are the top five things on my list, thus far:
  1. Taste again, for the first time, Bullet Journaling – primarily to better organize my life’s activiites and to do items…I have been back and forth on this and decided to just go ahead and DO IT. I enjoyed BUJO when I did it years ago – don’t ask me why I stopped. I just did …and ever since, have felt/been rudderless…
  2. Implement TimeBlocking. I’ve toyed with the idea and decided to give it a real try. I can (and do) spend much of the day @the table, papers, books, pens, etc spread before me and before I know it, it’s sundown and I’ve made little – if that – progress on my daily goals…
  3. Aim for more Healthful Meals – which means plan weekly menus and shop accordingly – neither of which appeal to me.
  4. Reivse my Daily Walk Habits, aiming for 3 – 20 minutes a day outside. I know I won’t always accomplish that mile marker but doing so is worth the effort.
  5. Resume Dõstädning (clutter clearing), aiming to clear one drawer, shelf, closet, etc a day and get the stuff in the garage ready to donate or discard. I’d held off due to Covid-19 …I’m thinking/hoping books and things can now be recycled.
Another item on my list… to revise my blogging schedule and practices … but that’s fodder for another post, especially since it’s 8 pm and time to hit publish! Hope you’ve had and/or are having a good day. Cheers~ PS. About the photo: Sidewalk art discovered on my walk yesterday, Sunday 6 September. Lots of fun!    

12 thoughts on “just five | 9.7.20 …

  1. I know what you mean about tossing it all and starting over but like you, I am sure there is a gem in my pile too. We had the boys today so my first day of lists evaporated. I am also thinking about my blogging schedule. We can compare notes


  2. You’ve given me a nudge, especially number 5. I was doing well with that earlier and got off-track in August. Then there are notes on bits of paper to be dealt with….


  3. Wishing you every success in using the day more productively or in a more satisfying way. I know that feeling of getting to the end of the day and wondering where it went and what I have to show for it. September feels like a good back-to-school-and-learn-something-new time :). Cheering you on ….


  4. Oh goodness, I am HERE for this whole list. Once you figure it out, can you help me??!

    Just kidding! I’m also here to cheer you on! And I’m taking notes for my own life 🙂


  5. I hope your efforts to organize and declutter are successful! And thank you for sharing that lovely chalk art. Our neighbors have been having fun with the chalk out on our street, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.


  6. I usually keep my “scribbles” in an envelope with the year along with cards and such. Then I have them to look back at some time down the road. Here’s to making lists, and tooting your own horn for whatever reason!


  7. I love your goals and I will be re reading them. I have begun tracking creativity habits and am pleased with my focusing on them over all. If only there I had a maid to do a all of the mundane chores.


  8. Sidewalk chalk art/scribbles always makes me smile. When my kids were little, I use to sketch quilt designs for sewing in chalk while drawing with them. I know about all those little pieces of paper – except mine are all in various small lightweight journals tucked into the areas where I spend time. I am sure you will find some hidden gems. I need to borrow your idea about cleaning out one space every day. It’s easy to get side-tracked.


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