summer’s end …


Bright blue cloudless sky. Birds sing ” caw caw caw” … September’s air feels good against my face. I’m wearing my winter coat and I have on no hat – but that’s OK !  Despite the cooler temps, it is beautiful!  I  stop, take a look around, capture the sky, sun and also the sound : quiet.

I’ve reached the park. Children’s voices permeate the air along with the sounds of lawn mowers and leaf blowers. I hear the creak, squeak of a swing or two. I’m trying to decide which way do I go:  my usual route or forge a new one? Lotsa children at the playground – don’t see too many adults but I do see a rather large dog.

I  decide to take my usual route and trek up the hill, gathering  just enough speed to get my momentum going. Other than the children, not too many people in the park –  usually there are one to four parked at benches, shooting the breeze; others, at a table: writing; reading; sometimes napping …

Tomorrow is the first day of an astrological event: Autumn.  It feels good to walk through this park on this last day of summer. In a way, it’s a sanctuary. A sanctuary.

Autumn. My favorite season of all.

9 thoughts on “summer’s end …

  1. That’s a lovely, gentle moment to read – your description of all the different sounds in the park really brings it alive. Hoping the rest of the last day of summer was as nice. Here, we have had an unseasonably warm spell, with temperatures of 67F, and today is the last day of it before the wind and rain sweep in. I will do my best to enjoy it as much as you enjoyed yours. Hoping Norman continues to improve.


  2. Ahh, this post settled me, as your words generally do! And yes… Hello Autumn!! The past few mornings have been “put on a wooly sweater” weather, and my heart and soul are so happy!


  3. What a lovely walk you shared with us. Thank you! (I did smile, though, at the thought of a winter coat … yikes! I was happy to wear long sleeves – and this morning, an extra layer 🙂


  4. Ah summer’s end and autumn’s beginning. I walked today and thought of the turning of the season. I didn’t need a jacket though. Thanks for taking us on your walk.


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