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Sunday: Norman’s birthday. Now, he’s a young 87 years old! We had a quiet celebration with his son … I managed to capture the Oct/Nov full moon …

Monday: New carpet for basement & first floor steps… I love the look, the smell …

Tuesday/Today/Election Day: We voted by mail several weeks ago – the District mailed ballots to all registered voters. .. and here we are on election day! Finally! I guess … I hope.

About mid-day, I took a long walk through our neighborhood park – almost deserted. Probably because the weather’s turned a tad bit chilly. The sun on the changing, colorful leaves left my heart and me warm… and for that, I am always grateful.

Time to hit publish, watch the setting sun, prepare dinner … and wait.


10 thoughts on “practicing gratitude |

  1. Oh Honore, I am so not ready to keep listening to projections. I had to put my head phones on and let Fireman watch. I am soon nervous . I don’t want to feel sad again tomorrow. Hoping praying, Glad I waS active in postcards and my party’s needs. But oh, this is difficult to watch


  2. Best wishes to Norman on his birthday. I am glad walking in the sunshine made you and your heart warm. The autumn weather has been mostly glorious around here.


  3. are you a better waiter than I am?! my fingers and toes are cramped from all the crossing. this Georgia girl is wanting a CELEBRATION! soon. hopefully.


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