tgif| 11.20.20…




  • looking: at the calendar – amazed that there are just 10 days left in the month*;
  • calculating: 41 days left in this year;
  • wondering: could that really be so?


  • reminiscing: Norman and I both celebrated trips around the sun; it is fun that our age numbers are reversed and that the sum for each of our two digits is the same;
  • enjoying: the crispness of a lovely autumn day;
  • appreciating: the good days vs the not-so good ones as we navigate N’s type 2 diabetes…


  • afternoon walks through the park;
  • listening to a variety of podcasts – my fave still: Happier with Gretchen Rubin as a walking companion;
  • the joy and ebulation of the election..


  • Wed evening, I joined Modern Mrs Darcy’s Book Club’s visit with Tayari Jones, author of Silver Sparrow.  She is a delightful person and the book is definitely on my TBR list.


Have a great weekend!


*A note: I realized, looking at the calendar that 24 November is the fourth/last Tues of the month. Since it is so close to Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to schedule the link up for Tues 1 Dec. We’ll wrap up 2020 with the last OLW link up Tues, 29 December.


9 thoughts on “tgif| 11.20.20…

  1. I hope that Norman continues to improve, because I know his health issues have been challenging for both of you. And reaching another year in these times is really something to celebrate!


  2. I’ve ordered Tayari’s book at the library!
    My fav podcast is Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us. I keep meaning to listen to Gretchin!
    The weather has been mild and breezy and makes my daily walks ‘a breeze’! Today is day 26 of exercising 2x a day for 25 minutes! It helped me survive caretaking duties, worry, stress, and to sleep better! ❤
    Jeff's doc said he was one point from being diabetic and we should act as though he were. Sending you and Norman spirit lifting vugs and a dose of hopeful! ❤


  3. I loved that conversation with Tayari Jones … and the conversation the chat! I’m going to rewatch so I can focus on Tayari! Truly, author conversations are the best way to enhance my reading experience and Anne Bogel does them so well! hope you and Norman have settled down and settled in for some real rest and relaxing. Diabetes is scary!


  4. I am glad to read your post. I love the visual at the top. Nelson Mandela was so remarkable. I miss his voice. I am glad you are finding joy in these days.


  5. So lovely to see you posting again, and I continue to think of you both warmly … Hoping that Norman’s condition will stabilise and allow you both to breathe a little easier; such a lot of navigate as we grow older together. Your sentence about your ages made me smile – it reads like one of those maths puzzles we used to get at school! And hoping you had a wonderful birthday too. Thank-you for the Mandela quote – compassion and the ability to listen to points of view not our own is needed more than ever these days.


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