on color/s…

~color search: google screen shot~

Over the past 12 years or so I’ve had an annual word to focus/guide me. Some, I think, have been ever present in my life; others have challenged me – and still do; a few bring up bittersweet memories for they are often associated with family members and/or longtime friends and experiences; and some are still front and center as I’ve not yet reached the mountaintop with them. For 2021, I toyed with a variety of words, thinking that perhaps I might even revisit some previous. And then …

My 2021 word – color – came to me in a flash. On or about December 9, inspired by a sunrise, I think or perhaps playing with paper or fabric and memories or I ran across a photo or a quote or even all of the above. But intuitively, I felt, knew that color was the word; I immediately googled the definition and felt right at home, asking out loud: What took you so long to appear?

Since glomming onto my word, I’ve experienced serendipity, RAS – reticular activation systems– practically every day. Color is always ever present in our lives in so many ways – from the sky to flora, fauna; weather; events; sensory experiences, e.g., an evergreen candle that sits on the table greets me daily with its unmistakeable evergreen spruce scent; my Flower Garden quilt hangs on the wall over my left shoulder – I get to gaze at its very colorful presence; yellow, my fave color, adorns the first floor walls and is a very visible in my life on a daily basis. Already, my photos are very color focused: the sky; inauguration fireworks; charts; etc.

Color is the perfect choice. I look forward to exploring and living with this word in 2021. I think it’s going to be a joyous and different ride- it has already … To be continued!

Joining Carolyn:  https://youroneword.com/ for the sharing of our 2021 words. What’s yours?


11 thoughts on “on color/s…

  1. yes! Honoré this word seems like the perfect prompt to get you off on another journey of creating beauty. I look forward to seeing where it takes you!


  2. This word has so many possible…hues! It feels like such a beautiful and artistic way to Notice, with a capital N. Looking forward to hearing about it. (And I also really appreciate your reflections on some words still being front and center because you’re not yet to the ‘mountaintop’ with them. Such an important piece!)


  3. This sounds such a rich and multi-faceted word for a year, Honoré, full of artistic and cultural possibilities. I’m delighted one has ‘found’ you or you have ‘found’ it. Yellow is such a gloriousand generous colour – I especially value it in this monotone time of year. Very excited to see you and ‘color’ travel together this year. My word turned out to be three, but I’m just going with it :).


  4. Color is a brilliant word choice for you! Color your Life!
    I haven’t chosen a word yet… these beuts came to me this week: awakening agency wonder story
    Here’s to your closing line…. to be continued. ❤


  5. What a great word, Honoré! I think you’re going to have so much fun with it this year, and I look forward to watching your “adventure” unfold. XO


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