Oh, my word! 6.28.21 …

Today’s weather : red H-O-T! Not as hot as that on the west coast but still H-O-T! Too hot to go out and ever so thankful that the A/C is functioning – just about a year ago, new AC/Heat Pump installed at ruinous cost. This summer’s contribution to the local economy: new copper* pipes to the upstairs bath. Even the neighborhood black + white cat – yep, still around – is lying low.

All day, the sky has been that summery blue color, almost crystal like – making a lovely backdrop for dramatic white/grey clouds. Evidence of the changing season on the oak trees’ green leaves – some have already turned brown and on the opposite end, pink blossoms have begun to bloom on the crepe myrtle. Too hot for my afternoon walk so I browsed through my photos from recent walks and was greeted by that gorgeous clump of bright yellow day lilies.

My word for 2021 is color and I’m having a lot of fun with it…amazed at how frequently ROYGBIV colors on the wheel show up – not only in print, magazines, fabrics – and also our natural lives. Joining Carolyn for this month’s One Little Word share.


*Does copper count as orange?

14 thoughts on “Oh, my word! 6.28.21 …

  1. Copper totally counts as orange!!
    I love what you did with this month’s OLW post – how lovely to be noticing COLORS every day this year! And those day lilies are stunning.
    Stay cool, Honoré! I’m thankful you go the the A/C taken care of last year and are able to enjoy it’s cool air now.


  2. What a FUN and clever post! Actually, I think copper counts as a fabulous color–or TWO! (When I think of copper, I immediately picture an aged green copper…and I absolutely love that color.) Thank goodness for your replaced pump…so glad you can stay cool there.


  3. This word is so perfect for YOU!! I love this brilliant little post and how you brought color to our lives in such a magical way! (and YES to copper!! All the copper!)


  4. Your colorful post was a delight–even though the weather is NOT! Hot here, too. 90’s are unusual here and we’ve got the humidity as well. We lost power last night for three hours–glad it wasn’t longer.


  5. Do stay cool Honore!! I protest about the a/c being on, but today I caved in. I can go out on the porch later when it is a bit less hot. The humidity is still there, but it cools off well after 7 or so


  6. What a creative post. And I vote that copper counts as orange. Stay cool during this heat. Our temps are not quite so hot but plenty humid after a couple of rains. Mother Nature doesn’t like what we are doing I’m afraid.


  7. Delightfully colourful post that really brought a smile to my face :). So pleased you are thriving and flourishing despite the heat – been reading reports of it in our press here (where it’s a lot cooler at 65F on a good day!). Copper? Definitely in the orange category. Hoping it cools a bit so you can get out for your walks again …


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